Courageous Saudi Blogger Advocating Two-State Solution Attacked by Palestinians

Masked Palestinian militants from Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, a militia linked to the Fatah movement, give a press conference to condemn the decision by U.S. President Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, in Gaza City, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017. A number of U.S. allies in the Middle East are condemning the decision, with the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia urging Washington to reconsider and reverse the announcement. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

Saudi blogger Mohammed Saud is somewhat of a controversial figure in the Middle East. The reason? He believes in the two-state solution for the Palestinian – Israeli conflict. In our eyes, this makes him a realist, but in the eyes of all too many people in the Middle East, it makes him a traitor.


Recently, Saud visited the Temple Mount. Here is what happened when he had the audacity to to there:

As you can see, he is violently attacked, harassed and even threatened by Palestinians. Chairs are thrown at him, and some even come up to him and proceed to spit at him.

That’s terrible enough as it is, but you can see that many of his attackers are young boys. Imagine how their parents and teachers must have indoctrinated them with anti-Semitic views in order for them to do this. It’s shocking — and yet another reason why cynics like me believe there will not be peace for at least another thirty years.


The good news? Tuesday (yesterday), three suspects of the harassment of Saud were arrested, the Times of Israel reports.

Be that as it may, the only thing Israel can do is punish these people. However, there are many more where they came from and, considering the age of some involved, it’s clear that the problem goes much, much deeper. You can’t solve this by just arresting some individuals. Palestinians have to stop hating Israel and Jews in general.


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