Angry Young Men Who Came Illegally to America Shout: 'No Shower, No Shower!'

Angry illegal immigrants shout at the vice president: 'No showers, no showers!' Source: NBC News / Twitter.

NBC News has shot some footage from border detention facilities that the liberal network undoubtedly considers heartbreaking and even shocking. The footage was shot when Vice President Mike Pence visited the facility. Afterward, he told reporters that what he had seen was “tough stuff,” and he called on Congress to do something about it.


It undoubtedly was “tough” in some regards. But who’s to blame for this situation? The president? Congress? Or the illegal immigrants themselves? To me, the answer is obvious: the immigrants themselves. Just look at the footage and you’ll immediately see what I mean:

All these men are adults. They’re young and physically strong. Why in the world did they come illegally to the United States when they could’ve come in a legal manner?

We don’t see some innocent kids there, who were brought to America against their will by their parents (or kidnappers). No, these are young, healthy men who are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

The reason that they’re in this situation is that they purposefully and consciously chose to break the law. They knew that what they were about to do was illegal — and did it anyway. Not because they were in danger of persecution in their home country, but because of financial reasons.


Don’t get me wrong, if I were them, I probably would’ve wanted to go to the U.S. as well. But they could’ve done so legally. As said, it’s not as if it’s impossible for foreigners to emigrate to America. Quite the opposite is true, even. Compared to many other countries, the American immigration system is extremely mild.

There is no reason whatsoever to pamper these people. By giving in to their demands — and those of the far left — you will only increase the influx of illegal immigrants, which will eventually make matters even worse.

Treat the kids with respect and kindness. Give them good beds to sleep on. But these healthy and strong young men? Arrest them, put them temporarily in a detention center, and deport them ASAP. Any other policy will only cause more chaos and, therefore, suffering — especially for children.


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