Ridiculous Clown AOC Demands to Be Sworn in Before Border Hearing

AOC demands to be sworn in. Source: CSPAN screenshot.

Earlier today, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — better known as AOC — joined the House Oversight and Reform Committee to testify on the condition of the border detention facilities. Before sharing her experiences on border detention facilities (allegedly, that is, because there’s enough reason to believe that she’s making it all up), she demanded to be sworn in.


Yes, you read that correctly. The honorable (ahem, cough) congresswoman wanted to take an oath.

Even the Democratic chairman of the Committee, Elijah Cummings, thought that slightly over the top. Or, perhaps better said: a ridiculous piece of theater for voters. “We usually don’t require a swearing-in,” he told her.

The reason is obvious: it’s already illegal to lie to Congress, whether the person testifying is sworn in or not.

Why did she demand to be sworn in nonetheless? Well, as a Republican source close to the committee told the Washington Examiner:

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is more interested in scoring political points than actually solving the crisis at the southern border. Time and time again, she chooses photo-ops over actually legislating. Just look at today’s hearing. She asked to be sworn in prior to testifying before the Oversight Committee — something that never happens for members of Congress. But that doesn’t matter to her. She just needed something to tweet. It just shows that Democrats are obsessed with political theater and attacking the president, rather than solving real problems facing the American people.


Indeed. Every single thing this woman does is for show. She’s not a politician, but an activist. And not just any activist, but an extremely opportunistic one at that.

We could laugh at her — after all, she’s truly a clown — but that would probably be a mistake. After all, she and her ilk are rather rapidly taking over the Democratic Party. Imagine what happens if a person like AOC ever becomes president. They won’t be able to “destroy” America, but my oh my, they’ll certainly weaken it tremendously, more so than any other (rapidly leftist) president before them.


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