Trumpism Works: Mexico Sends 15,000 Troops to Border 'to Curve Migration Flow'

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

From the very first day Donald Trump could call himself “president,” we’ve heard leftists and establishment conservatives say that his aggressive diplomatic style — of negotiating with other governments — won’t produce anything useful. Trump was just angering them, and by doing so, he would actually end up undermining America’s national interests.


Well, I think we can put that criticism of the president to rest:

CNN correspondent Nick Valencia reports that Mexican Secretary of Defense Luis Sandoval has announced that he’ll send nearly 15,000 extra troops to the Mexican border with the United States. Their number one job? To “curve the migration flow.”

An additional 2,000 National Guard troops “have also been deployed across the country’s southern border with Guatemala & Belize,” Valencia adds.

You won’t hear any CNN fake journalists admit this, but this is all because of Trump. Unlike his predecessors (going back to at least Ronald Reagan!), he has used the power of his office to put pressure on Ciudad de México. The result of this “take no prisoners” attitude — let’s be clear, he has threatened Mexico with some very serious repercussions for a failure to act — is that the Mexican government is shocking the entire world by actually doing something about this problem.


Trump’s aggressive style of negotiating clearly works, not only in business but also in politics. That may come as a surprise to the left and to establishment conservatives, but the facts speak for themselves.


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