Video: CNN's Anderson Cooper Loses It Over Trump Kentucky Derby Tweet

Anderson Cooper 'ridicules' President Trump. Screenshot CNN / YouTube.

I’m old enough to remember the days when CNN was a somewhat respected and respectable news outlet. Sure, they were overwhelmingly leftist, but they did try to hide their bias. At least a bit. One of their star reporters was Anderson Cooper, who was presented as a hard-hitting but honest journalist, willing to ask difficult questions to any- and everyone, without ever making clear where he personally stood on the issues.


Alas, those days are long gone. CNN has turned into the Clinton News Network and is even more anti-Trump than the liberal wackos over at MSNBC. And Cooper? He has gone insane.

Yes, insane.

Want proof? Just watch this video in which Cooper lashes out at President Trump for tweeting about the Kentucky Derby.

“In keeping with his practice of not having anything better to do, out came a tweet from President Seabiscuit,” Anderson said. He then quoted President Trump (funny how CNN is suddenly using nicknames for the president. I wonder why they didn’t do so during the Obama years), who tweeted:

This was enough for Cooper to go all-out snowflake.

“Remember when they used to give Mr. Ed peanut butter so it would look like he was talking on tv?” Cooper asked, thereby comparing the president of the most powerful country on earth to a talking horse. “This is sort of like if Mr. Ed had a Twitter-page and inhaled a jar of skippy.”

He then proceeded by telling his audience that Trump can’t let a few horses get some airtime. “He has to be part of every freaking news cycle. He can’t help himself,” Cooper continued.


Oh yes, Cooper, that’s it. He wants attention. Or he’s just a guy who likes sports and comments on it. Is that a possibility? Guess not.

And Mr. Journamalism wasn’t done just yet. He then went on a rant comparing the Derby to the 2016 elections while basically arguing that the entire electoral college system should be abolished:

“So let me get this straight. President Trump is upset because the more popular candidate — err horse — the one everyone expected to win, didn’t win, because of an old, tiny rule? Is it just me, or does this sound vaguely familiar like something the president actually supporters in other […] situations?”

Oh yes, that’s right, Anderson. The electoral college system, created to prevent one (big) state from dominating other (smaller) states, is nothing more than an “old, tiny rule.” Oh, and it’s comparable to rules of the Kentucky Derby!

Next, Cooper went on and on about Trump’s use of the phrase “political correctness,” which supposedly “baffles even the savviest of Trump-whisperers.” And how does he prove that? By accusing Trump of, there you go, racism:

“Sure, he probably thinks Secretary was some UN hack and that National Velvet is a gorgeous classically American made fabric that’s getting screwed by tariffs, but it’s tough to see why this particular go-to-grievance was on his mind… unless, just before the Derby, he learned that Black Beauty was not only black but also Arabian.”


Can anyone — including the savviest Cooper-whisperers — explain to me how Cooper made the jump from Trump’s tweet to him hating blacks and Arabs?

“To be fair,” the clearly obsessed fake journalist went on, “it’s not as if the president is unfamiliar with horses or, at least, where they hang out and the bonds they form. He’s been there, in the muck, in the straw, just him and his pal, Vladimir Putin.”

I kid you not. Cooper went from calling Trump a racist (because of a tweet about the Kentucky Derby!) to collusion. And that all in less than 15 seconds.

He then showed a clip of Trump telling an audience that he “got to know” the Russian president when they appeared in the same episode of 60 Minutes. “We were stable-mates,” Trump said, “and we did very well then.”

What now comes is actually funny. Just not in the way Cooper intends it. He wants to make fun of the president, but while doing so he only shows that he’s a tremendous fool himself.

“There are no stables at 60 Minutes. I actually work there; there are no farm hands, there are no piles of hay, there is not even a green room could’ve muzzled manes and munched on carrots.”

Anderson, Anderson, Anderson. There’s nobody who took Trump’s words literally. Not me. Not you. Making a joke by pretending that Trump was serious is not just lame, it’s pathetic. In a weird-train-wreck-kind-of-way that actually does make it funny, but man… please get your act together. This is becoming sad.


The clip ends with Cooper wondering whether Trump has any “evidence” to prove his claim that the Kentucky Derby result was influenced by political correctness.

Well, the answer to that question is, of course: I guess you just inadvertently gave it to him, Anderson. On a silver platter, even.

Oh, and although it’s a good question, it’s not the question we need to ask right now. That should be: Can Anderson Cooper and CNN fall even deeper, or have they finally hit rock bottom?


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