Liberal Media Worry: 'Steve Bannon May Run for President'

(AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

Clearly, liberal media like The Hill have completely lost it:

A Bannon presidential candidacy could occur in 2020 if Trump leaves office before his term is concluded or if Trump decides for some reason to not run for a second term. A Bannon candidacy could occur in 2024 if Trump runs for a second term and is defeated, or if Trump is reelected and annoints Bannon as his successor.
Bannon is doing everything a presidential candidate would do:

  • He is traveling around the country, cajoling ideological allies to run in primaries against traditional Republicans;
  • mobilizing an insurgent grass-roots challenge to the dazed Republican power structure;
  • attacking virtually every major Republican leader in Congress and the last Republican president;
  • building a network of mega-donors who write massive checks to elect Republicans they support or defeat Republicans they oppose; and
  • creating a substantial base of small donors.

Could Bannon ultimately be nominated as the GOP candidate for president? You bet he could. In the coming months, the political world will witness the first cannon fired in the battle for the Republican presidential nomination for 2020.


OK, this is becoming pathetic. I get that Bannon is the Left’s new favorite bogeyman, but this is insane.

Bannon has never — in any way, shape, or form — even implied that he wants to run for president or any other political office.

The contrary is true, even: if you listen to him, watch him, and read him, it’s crystal clear that if there was ever a guy who’s not interested in becoming president (or senator), it’s him. Bannon is effective as a corporate leader, as the man behind an impactful website, as a strategist, and as a speaker who rallies the troops.

Besides, although Bannon certainly shares the agenda Trump ran on in 2015/2016, he doesn’t enjoy even half the fame or popularity Trump did when he ran for office. That’s important because there is absolutely no way on Earth that Trump could have won without it. Trump was a celebrity candidate. As an outsider, that may be the only possible way you can win such an election. Bannon is appearing on TV frequently nowadays, activists know who he is, and many readers of conservative websites are acquainted with him — but he’s not the “household” name for decades that Trump was.

Bannon doesn’t want it plus it would be near-impossible to pull off if he did.

Doesn’t The Hill realize that? Of course they do. This isn’t about preventing Bannon from running or “warning” against the possibility, but about making the liberal troops fearful to motivate them for 2018 and afterward. That is all.



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