Mark Levin Blasts Donald Trump: 'We Can't Even Figure Out Where He Stands on the Constitution!'

Radio host Mark Levin speaks during the leadership forum at the National Rifle Association's annual convention Friday, April 25, 2014 in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/AJ Mast)

Conservative radio talker Mark Levin — one of the most popular conservative radio hosts in the country — lashed out at Donald Trump and his supporters on Friday, arguing that he saw absolutely no need to rally around the Republican standard-bearer now that he is the Republican nominee.


Oh, we’re all supposed to rally around Donald Trump. We can’t even figure the hell out where he stands on the Constitution! “I’m for free markets, except for this, this, this, this.” Well where?! Well where? Where? Just as a developer? Just with casinos? What about the rest of it?

“I’m going to punish…” You’re not going to punish anybody. Who the hell do you think you are? Incredible. More centralized government. More masterminds. More social engineering. As I said, it sounds like Jimmy Hoffa. But his domestic policies are more like Richard Nixon’s. And his foreign policy, as best as I can discern it, is more like George McGovern’s.

And his surrogates have said over and over again: “Forget about conservatism, we’re nationalist populist agrarian,” whatever! And then they turn around and say “we believe in the Constitution, we’re conservatives.” They don’t know what the hell they believe. But they’re angry.

Well, damnit, we’re angry too!

The 58% of you who didn’t vote for Trump, we’re fed up. Now you want our vote, tell us why!

“Hillary, Hillary!” You know, it’s amazing: Trump kept threatening us that we’re at war with conservatives, telling us over and over again if he doesn’t get the nomination he might go third party. Now it’s “come on everybody, join the Republican Party! Come on everybody, protect the Republican Party! Come on everybody, get in line, what do you want, Hillary Clinton?”

Well, didn’t he think about that two months ago, when he kept threatening to go third party?


A truly epic rant, but Levin wasn’t done yet:

So here we are today, forget about the past, and he’s moving left! “Mark, why weren’t you this angry with Barack Obama?” You kidding me? You and I, we’ve been disgusted with Barack Obama, we’ve been pounding the hell out of Barack Obama; Obama, Biden de whole bunch in Washington D.C. We don’t need lectures by anybody else.

And while we were pounding them, Trump was subsidizing. So yes, I’m sorry, I’m sorry 42 percenters, I need a little more. I need something more, I need to see a little bit ankle.

The question is: do you want Hillary Clinton elected president of the United States. Do you? Do you? Well, then you gotta convince the rest of us why we should fall in line. Because that’s your guy. You got what you wanted. You carry him across the finish line, not by browbeating us, with condescending platitudes, with threats, ain’t gonna fly. Never does, never will.

That’s exactly it. If Trump and his surrogates want conservatives to support them, they need to stop their war on conservatives and actually embrace conservative principles for once. In recent days and weeks, however, they’ve done the complete opposite, with The Donald himself saying he’s in favor of increasing the minimum wage and arguing he wants to change the Republican Party’s platform on abortion.


Really? That’s how you hope to get conservatives to unite behind you? What a joke.

Trump has done absolutely nothing to deserve conservatives’ votes. In fact, he’s done the exact opposite: he’s done everything in his power to deserve their scorn and derision. It would be suicidal for conservatives to rally around him nonetheless; it would doom them and their cause — a cause that’s bigger than any one man or any one party.



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