Bernie Sanders' Tax Returns and Private Plane Menu Prove: He's a Hypocritical Phony Extraordinaire

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Bernie Sanders is probably the biggest phony in politics today. And that says a lot, because  D.C. is filled with phonies.

The Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate who constantly blasts “the rich” for, you know, making money, is rich himself. Just look at his 2014 tax returns:


Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders started to make good Friday night on a pledge to release his full tax returns from recent years, sharing a 2014 federal filing that showed income of just more than $200,000…

What’s worse is that this socialist propagandist gives almost nothing to help the poor and downtrodden: according to the tax returns, he only gave $8,000 to charities.

$8,000. Out of an income of $200,000. That’s 4 percent.

That’s bad enough for a man who routinely pretends to be the poor man’s savior, but there’s more:

man of the people

As conservative commentator Dan Bongino explains on Facebook, that’s a New York Times photo “of the menu from [Bernie’s] private, chartered plane.” My bet is that 90% of those voting for him don’t even know that some of these main courses exist.

And suddenly I realize why Bernie constantly reminds me of Ebenezer Scrooge…

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 23.18.30

It’s time for Bernie to end his “poor man’s representative” shtick. He’s just as much a rich establishment hack as Hillary Clinton: both are hypocritical socialists who want to give other people’s money away while tightly holding onto their own green bills.


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