Hitch on Gay Marriage

Dennis Prager sees the fight for gay marriage as a war of “secular extremism” against Western Civilization, and he compares those of us who support gay rights to Al Qaeda. (Thanks, Dennis. You’re a pal.)
Christopher Hitchens provides some perspective.


It demonstrates the spread of conservatism, not radicalism, among gays.

When I become bored or irritated by the gay marriage battle–and I do, I sometimes do–I like to picture the writhing faces and hoarse yells of the mullahs and the fanatics. Godless hedonistic America, not content with allowing divorce and pornography, has taken from us our holy Taliban and our upright Saddam. It sends Jews and unveiled female soldiers to our lands, and soon unnatural brotherhood will be in the armed forces of the infidels. And now the godless have an election where all they discuss is the weddings of men to men and women to women! And then I relax, and smile, and ask my [gay] neighbors over, to repay the many drinks and kind gestures that I owe them.


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