Activists Against Nation-Building

Judith Weiss sent me this from the left-wing activists at

The US occupation in Iraq has left American soldiers unprepared and vulnerable, the country degenerating into chaos, and the Iraqi people embittered and hostile. Now the President is asking Congress for a staggering $87 billion blank check to fund more of the same. But until he takes strong steps to correct this failure, Congress shouldn’t give him a cent.


Let me just correct that. These activists aren’t trying to block Bush from getting “a cent.” They are trying to block the Iraqi people from getting a cent.
And those who think Iraqis are “embittered and hostile” might want to read this (which I linked yesterday) from a liberal American judge in Iraq who strongly opposed the war before he actually went there:

WE ARE NOT GETTING THE WHOLE TRUTH FROM THE NEWS MEDIA. The news you watch, listen to and read is highly selective. Good news doesn’t sell. 90% of the damage you see on tv was caused by Iraqis, not by US. All the damage you see to schools, hospitals, power generation facilities, refineries, pipelines and water supplies, as well as shops, museums, and semi-public buildings (like hotels) was caused either by the Iraqi army in its death throes or Iraqi civilians looting and rioting.

He also goes on to say this:

By my sample, 90% are glad we came and the majority doesn’t want us to leave for some time to come…Of the hundreds I talked to, the overwhelming majority thanked us for being there. Hundreds of adults and children on the roads waved and smiled as we passed by.


The activists are willing to help Iraqis on two conditions: Bush must fire Donald Rumsfeld for leading us into a (non-existent) quagmire and must surrender Iraq to the UN.
Anti-war activists, who never did show much concern for brutal oppression in Iraq, now want to hold Iraqis hostage for partisan domestic political gain. Oh how inspiring.
If only activists could be liberal and internationalist again…



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