Discrediting the ICC

I’m a big fan of bringing dictators to justice. And so in principle I should wholeheartedly endorse the new International Criminal Court in the Hague.
Some of the conservative arguments against it don’t wash, as Randy Paul ably demonstrates. But nothing will discredit it faster than politically motivated accusations like this one.


Tony Blair was accused yesterday of “crimes against humanity” in a lawsuit lodged at the International Criminal Court in The Hague by Greek lawyers.

Say what you will about the Iraq war. Say it wasn’t worth it if you must. Gripe about proceduralism if that’s what you care about most.
But liberating an enslaved people from a genocidal monster is not a crime against humanity. It put an end to crimes against humanity.
Placing bleeding-heart liberals like Tony Blair in the same moral category as Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot won’t garner a whit of sympathy from the United States for any court that might take such arguments seriously.
I think it’s a shame that General Pinochet is still living in his mansion in Chile after he was thrown in the slammer in Britain. And it’s worse that no one got Idi Amin extradited from Saudi Arabia before he died an old man in Jidda. France should be ashamed of itself for letting “Baby Doc” Duvalier move on in.
So, seriously, what kind of moral idiot scans the international scene for the worst criminal elements and zeroes in on Tony Blair after passing over Kim Jong Il, Robert Mugabe, and the rest of them?
I’d love to see an international criminal court that does what it says it will do. But maybe we aren’t grown-up enough yet to make it happen.




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