YouTube Protects Trans Groomer, Demonetizes My Video About Him as 'Graphic Descriptions' of Child Abuse

Big Tech is at it again! A few days ago, I recorded a video of me reading my PJ Media article about TikToker Jeffrey Marsh (the strange non-binary adult male who tells trans kids to go “no-contact” with their families) and his rabid fans who have doxed and stalked a Muslim comedian for exposing Marsh’s grooming techniques.


The video took off on YouTube and is currently passing 55,000 views. Normally, this kind of activity would pay pretty well but YouTube has declared the video too “graphic” for viewers and has demonetized it. This means that I cannot collect any revenue from the video’s popularity. Usually, a video with this many hits so early after publishing would net a few hundred dollars by the time it was done rising. That’s not an insignificant amount for a small YouTuber like me. (Have you seen the price of eggs?)

But I will earn nothing from this video, despite its popularity because YouTube has decided that it’s “graphic.” What have I discussed that is so graphic and disturbing? Transgender grooming. I agree that trans-identifying people grooming kids is upsetting, but it should fall squarely into the acceptable category for advertisers because the language I did use was not graphic at all. I did not describe child abuse. I used the word “grooming” in its proper context as law enforcement would. I defined cyberstalking according to UK law. I also played a recording of Jeffrey Marsh talking to kids about going “no contact” with their families. None of it could be considered “graphic.”

I asked for a human review of the video because I had been very careful to edit the words that I know YouTube hates like “suicide” or swear words. Despite using carefully chosen wording, it still failed the human test. Someone at YouTube reviewed it and deemed it so upsetting to viewers that it could cause them trauma.


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I remind you, I was reading a news article. 

Here is the video on Rumble (please watch it there because Rumble won’t demonetize me). You can decide for yourself if you are traumatized by watching it. And please subscribe to my Rumble channel while you’re there.

By the way, Jeffrey Marsh has his own YouTube channel. I wonder if his videos are monetized.

This situation is not livable anymore. The left, which is entirely in control of social media, is determined that anyone to the right of Bill Kristol should starve, and they’re going out of their way to make sure we do. YouTube has a virtual monopoly on its audience, and until the audience realizes that they are being kept from the truth, that it is being hidden from them, and the culprit is YouTube, we are shouting into the wind. No one can hear us. Rumble and alternative platforms like Locals are growing, but they have a mere fraction of the audience that YouTube has. We have no prayer of reaching outside the choir with the types of restraints that Big Tech puts on us.


My viral video on Jeffrey Marsh proves that there is an audience out there that agrees with us and wants this content, but reaching them is almost impossible. It takes a viral video that somehow escapes the algorithm, and even then, YouTube punishes the creator by removing all possibility of profiting from it.

I believe the main reason they do this is to depress us and take away our motivation to continue creating content. After all, if you continually make content that gets hardly any views (despite having a decent-sized audience that constantly reports never seeing notifications of your content) or you get demonetized on the ones that do hit the jackpot, a person begins to feel like it’s futile and a waste of time. Most people would just give up. Many have.

It’s situations like these that remind us that supporting creators you like—who bring you the truth without censorship—isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s a necessity.

And please support the alternative platforms that host us without censorship like Rumble and Locals. Download the apps on your devices and make the switch from YouTube to the free sites that want us there and value free speech! Locals is becoming my favorite social media app so I can keep up with all my favorite creators. Pretty soon, it will be the only way to hear your favorite voices in the conservative movement. Don’t wait until we are all deleted from Big Tech social media.


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