The Morning Briefing: When Kruiser Is Away, the Fox Will Play

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OMG. It’s me! You know, the one who wasn’t at CPAC last year. The question is, will I be invited this year? Due to last year’s kvetching, my money is on probably not. BUT the good news is I’m here now and no one can stop me. Kruiser is good to me when he isn’t yelling at me about this, that, or the other totally warranted thing of the moment that I have screwed up. I feel warm and fuzzy, like the burning embers in my new wood stove on a snowy morning in upstate New York. I don’t want to tell you how expensive that was, but it was worth every single knuckle-biting inflated penny.


But gone Kruiser is, off to Michigan or Wisconsin or somewhere North where there is beer and cheese and family drama — and you’re mine. Don’t even think about trying to escape.

While I have you here, did you hear about all the gay hate? According to the MSM, everyone hates the queers (their vernacular! Don’t blame me!), including the queers. Please believe me when I tell you that you will not laugh harder this week than you will at the replies to this New York Post article about a man throwing a brick through the window of a gay bar. I’m seriously dying. DYING, I TELL YOU. I think my favorite comment is “kinda zesty arm angle.”

When your breathing has returned to normal and you have wiped the tears off your face after that circus, come back over here to PJ Media, where I will make your day with all the things you should be reading. Don’t even think about clicking over to the Daily Wire, do you hear me? There’s nothing there for you. 

PJ Media

You cannot go wrong with a little Vodkapundit in the morning

Prager: Those damn kids need to stay off my lawn and out of polling places too!

Margolis pointing out the obvious about Club Q shooting: No news is…bad for Dems?

I haven’t written anything in time for this brief (which probably is why no one wants me at CPAC) but click on my stuff because you love me and you want me to have a nice Christmas after breaking my stove by burning water. Don’t ask. 

Moran: Media admits the laptop from hell really is from hell and by hell we mean Hunter Biden’s domain


Lennox: I told you so. Republicans want new people running stuff. You don’t say. (See??? I’m not a cuckservative I’m just the canary in the coal mine, folks.)

Brown: The left loves kiddie rapists and they prove it every day they leave the border wide open. 

KDJ: Looking for that extra something for Thanksgiving dinner that will shame your lefty relative? Look no further. 

KRUISER WINS THE BEST FRIEND AWARD: I couldn’t be happier if he had actually shown up outside of PJ Media headquarters in blue face paint on a horse, wearing a kilt and screaming “FREEEEEEDOM!” Look what he wrote here (and I know he linked this yesterday but I have things to say):

My friend and colleague Megan Fox wrote a post last week that was critical of Trump’s COVID lockdown response — an area where most conservative Americans can agree that there’s a lot of blame to go around. It should be noted that Megan has been a very publicly outspoken fan of Trump since he first ran, part of the “Escalator MAGA” crowd, if you will. Seven years after that escalator ride, she dares say that she didn’t like ONE thing that Trump did, and one could practically hear the diapers filling all over the Republic. I even had one person complain about her to me in my Morning Briefing comments, which I thought was a bit of a cry for help…

For those who have been able to connect the dots here so far, any criticism I have of Trump shouldn’t be cause for any of his supporters to lose their minds and start acting like the shrieking harridans on The View after washing down handfuls of Adderall with shots of Fireball.

Leave the emotions to the libs.

Gah! I love him. Go read that. And to those of you who called my last column about Trump “emotional” but didn’t have the same criticism for Kruiser here (and I checked. I read every single comment), I only have one thing to say.

And you know it. For all the ladies out there who read PJ Media every day, I’m sorry you have to fight to be heard without being accused of having an emotional breakdown every time you have a strong opinion about something. This is the kind of thing that makes conservatives look like the stereotype we aren’t. While it feels great when my male colleagues rise to my defense (and they are all so awesome and I adore them and their chivalrous ways), we’re all equals here. Why does it even have to be done? Look how Kruiser can say whatever he wants and no one has anything nasty to say to him about his emotional state. God, it feels good to be a gangsta (I imagine). No hard feelings, Kruiser. You’re a pal and I love you. But geez. Testicles really do come with perks. His comments section on this is littered with rational discussions. Now go look at mine. It’s a total clown show of “you are an unhinged woman who can’t think straight because of all the bleeding and estrogen,” basically. (Things I typed in anger may be slightly exaggerated for effect.)


The Mailbag of Hate

Since Kruiser shares his mail with you, I thought I’d give you some of mine. Lord have mercy. Gird your loins.

Paula says:

Sorry, Megan, but you are way off…So DJT is supposed to know more than the people that are scientists. If he didn’t go along with everything they suggested, he would have been accused of overstepping his authority, and called a big know it all. It’s all about the science…. remember? Obviously, Trump is neither a doctor or scientist. Fauci is supposedly an expert on infectious diseases, correct? So, at the moment, what would you have done? it’s easy to say they were wrong now, but then, it was a big thing. So, stop acting like one of the Murdoch minions and put a sock in it.

Paula, socks make my mouth linty. I think I’ll pass.

Arch 232 says:


Arch, take the tinfoil hat off and touch some grass. If Trump allowed Fauci to ruin our economy and our kids’ health for some 4D chess play that never materialized to “expose” the “treason” he wasn’t charged for, he failed. Fauci is still living his best life screwing up everyone else’s. However, props for using the word “dink.” It’s an underused insult that I didn’t know anyone but my dad knew.

TooMuchPC says:

Wow! I didn’t see this coming. Geez….poor Megan got her feelings hurt? WITH ALL DUE RESPECT, grow up…Maybe the country should not have been shut down, but not having the advantage of hind-sight, you can bet that any honest person would have found the whole situation AT THAT TIME AND UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES more than a little daunting. The leader of the free world drew information and advice from probably more people and more “experts” and more LIARS, than you are likely aware of. And President Trump made the decisions he made. And being a “Monday morning quarterback” and innocent of any and all mistakes in your entire life, YOU demand an apology? Such drivel, such twaddle.


It goes on and on in a somewhat hysterical way, utilizing way more ALL CAPS than a person in full control of his emotions would use. I’ve shortened it to the most salient points.

TMPC, my feelings are not hurt. My children’s mental and physical health was hurt. One of them developed an autoimmune skin disorder that she will suffer from for the rest of her life because of the stress. That’s not “feelings.” That’s my child’s health. And maybe your mother didn’t love you (it wouldn’t surprise me), but for a normal mother to watch her child suffer and know it could have been prevented is one of the worst experiences of my life. That was brought to me by none other than Donald Trump. And about that Monday morning quarterbacking: Are you new? Go back and find my podcasts from 2020 and hear it for yourself. I was singing this same song since then. Here’s what I wrote in March of 2020. If you are a VIP subscriber you can listen to the podcast I recorded on this topic literally one month into the pandemic (and if you’re not a subscriber, use PROMO CODE BLACKFRIDAY for a YUGE discount right now!). In that broadcast, you will hear me rant about the loss of freedoms brought to us by the COVID response team that Trump put in charge.

Join me to discuss how I’m seeing the great pandemic of 2020…it’s raw and I’m mad and don’t understand why the people being wiped out economically aren’t given more consideration. How many people will be homeless after this? How many will commit suicide? How many will spend their twilight years in poverty because of the shutdown of America? And why doesn’t anyone care? We can’t be locked down indefinitely but that’s what the Democrats seem to want. Are you concerned about the loss of freedoms that happened so fast our heads are spinning? I am. Is it too much to ask that our media actually give us facts that can be verified?

One month, folks. I have receipts. This wasn’t hindsight. It was foresight. Trump should have listened to me because apparently I’m Nostradamus in a skirt with a better accuracy rate. My only regret is that I highlighted a donut shop that put Fauci’s face on donuts, and it became a hit. Back then I thought that was amusing. The shop was on its way out of business before making national headlines with the Fauci stunt. So I guess we can say Fauci saved one business. Maybe he’ll get a slightly higher level of Hell in the afterlife for that.


Kruiser’s ghost enters The Briefing: STAY ON TOPIC, MEGAN!

What’s on VIP? Glad you asked.


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Townhall Mothership

House Democratic Leadership’s Reaction to Members Kicked Off Committees Shows Dems in Disarray

Speaking of that evil troll. Fauci may finally be out. Chaos Erupts in White House Briefing As Fauci Delivers His ‘Final Message’

Oh good, there’s more. Unredacted Fauci e-mails: a bad look

Name changes and political connections: Colorado shooter story gets even weirder

Elon Musk Teaches Leftwing Activists That Actions Have Consequences

Biden team lie??? No way! WH Misled the Media About Biden Granddaughter’s Wedding and Some Are Furious

Elon Musk checks Twitter’s pulse and notices that it hasn’t died yet

LOL Adam Kinzinger getting all big and bad THREATENING Catturd over a meme goes SO SO SO wrong

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“Legislative insurrection”: NJ Assembly approves sweeping concealed carry bill

Bee Me

It’s so great that the Babylon Bee is back on Twitter and swinging hard at the mainstream press, which wouldn’t confirm Hunter Biden was doing blow off the backsides of hookers even if he had been doing it in the CBS studio live on the 10 o’clock news. Think about this: If Twitter hadn’t banned the Bee, Musk might still be screwing around with rockets and electric cars instead of restructuring Twitter and exposing the censorship. I hope whoever made the call to pull the trigger on the Bee is writhing around in agony and seeing Elon Musk laughing every time he or she (or xe or xim) goes to sleep at night. May he haunt you forever!



Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! Kruiser is going to be gone one day next week, too, so if you have any pent-up rage mail in you, send it now so I can put it together for next week’s Mailbag of Hate. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my Rumble channel, because I live stream a few times a week and it’s always a lot of fun. Yesterday’s stream featured Alvin Lui from Courage is a Habit who is breaking big stories in Maine about woke school counselors plotting against parents. This is one of the most important issues going on in America today, so check it out! 




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