Twitter Bans Pics of Trans Phalloplasty, Suggesting They Depict 'Dismembered or Mutilated Humans'

(Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay.)

We live in a bizarre world where we are told by the medical community that body-disfiguring surgeries like vaginoplasty and phalloplasty are “gender-affirming healthcare,” but when Mark Ousley of the Unwokeable Podcast tried to show photos of what these surgeries actually do on Twitter, the social media company suspended his account, calling the photos “dismembered or mutilated humans” and “gratuitous gore.”


In the reason Twitter gave for my suspension, they admitted that phalloplasty is the mutilation of humans and Oklahoma Children’s Hospital is collaborating with schools to facilitate this procedure for little girls under the age of 16,” wrote Ousley after being reinstated on Twitter after deleting the offending tweet. The photos show the end result of harvesting arm tissue to make a non-working phallus. The result is a hideously disfigured forearm that will not only always look like a horror movie prop but will be weaker and at risk of infection and chronic pain. 

Twitter’s notice to Ousley said the tweet was removed and his account suspended because “Gratuitous gore is any media that depicts excessively graphic or gruesome content related to death, violence or severe physical harm, or violent content that is shared for sadistic purposes. Some examples include, but are not limited to, depictions of: dismembered or mutilated humans, charred or burned human remains: exposed or internal organs or bones, and animal torture…”


People trying to alert the world to the gruesome procedures that surgeons are performing on minors agree with Twitter’s assessment of the photos. But the medical community and the trans-activist community insist that these surgeries are “life-saving.”

Gender clinics that target children have been popping up all over the country in children’s hospitals. Ousley uncovered the most recent clinic to pop up at the University of Oklahoma Children’s Hospital called Roy G. Biv, which states on its website they are “the only interdisciplinary clinic in the state that provides gender-affirming care to patients under the age of 16 years.” While the hospital does not do the surgeries pictured in the tweet, they do help minors “find surgeons who perform gender-affirming surgeries.”

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Posting the reality of these “gender-affirming” surgeries on social media appears to be against Twitter’s rules. “In the picture I posted of a ‘successful’ phalloplasty surgery, the only example that applied was ‘dismembered or mutilated humans,'” wrote Ousley on Twitter. “I deleted the tweet because I agree, phalloplasty results in mutilated humans. Although, the exception for ‘newsworthy events’ should have applied.”


Twitter does have an exception for “newsworthy events,” which absolutely should apply in this scenario. These are surgeries that minors are being set up for with a regimen of puberty blockers that sends them down a pathway for surgeries. Famous children’s hospitals are facilitating these surgeries. If these procedures really are life-saving and good for children, then the results of them should be widely available and shown to the public.

Strangely, Twitter hit on the truth of the matter. These surgeries are dismemberment and mutilation of humans. The surgeries themselves ought to be outlawed. But that’s not what’s happening. There is a concerted effort by social media and the medical community to censor these images from the public so they can continue to say these surgeries are “healthcare” instead of horror.

Widely available studies on phalloplasty surgeries show the serious complications that affect many patients.

The main problems include the forearm hair causing urethral obstruction, the high number of initial urinary fistulas, the need for a stiffener or prosthesis, the residual scar on the forearm donor site [Figure 4] and limitation in size of the available forearm skin. Some surgeons even feel that there is loss of phallic girth as a result of tissue atrophy, rendering a phallic contour cosmetically unsatisfactory…there are high rate of complications including up to 25% flap related complications and up to 64%,[28] urethroplasty related complications.


Dr. Gabriel Del Corral, a phalloplasty surgeon, admits that the risk of complications is as high as 100%. “I tell all my patients that the complication rate for Phalloplasty can be 100%. It could be a small opening, but it’s 100%. There’s something that’s going to happen. The question is how do we as surgeons really try to navigate minimizing all the potential issues.”

There is nothing safe about “gender-affirming” surgeries, and surely no minor can consent to what they are actually signing up for due to the long-term consequences they cannot even comprehend yet. Despite that reality, we are being censored for trying to warn the public that these surgeries are unsafe, unnecessary, and amount to child abuse.

“Big Tech doesn’t want anyone to expose the ritual mutilation involved in this procedure because they know that if people see the truth of what doctors are doing, not just to adults but to kids in the name of ‘affirmation’ and ‘inclusion,’ the average person will not stand for it,” Ousley told PJ Media. “The doctors doing this to little girls should be prosecuted.”




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