Colorado Groomer School Charges $1,650 to Release FOIA Docs on Secret Transgender Closet

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Conservatory Green Middle School in Colorado wants $1,650 to release some documents, as they are required to do under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Last week, I sent them a request for information about the “transgender closet” they appear to be setting up in their school. A “transgender closet” is a room at a school where students can change out of the parent-approved outfit they left home in and into breast binders and other clothes geared to “affirm” their “gender identity.”


The radical theory that tells children they can switch genders is being pushed in public schools all over America, and I have been exposing them here on PJ Media regularly. Through Libs of TikTok, it came to my attention that a middle school full of children, some of whom are 12 years old and under, was creating a “transgender closet.”

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I sent a FOIA request to the school that asked for the following records, which should be available to the public:

1. Please provide any and all internal emails that relate to the creation of the “closet for trans students” that appears to be in the process of being organized on social media for the Conservatory Green Middle School. You can see the post here IF the terminology is not correct, please understand this request covers any communication that was made between administration or staff or counselors or teachers or anyone working with the school to create a closet that would be filled with clothes to affirm students’ gender. Please note that no staff or administration or vendor shall be redacted from these emails. The only acceptable redactions are for student names.

2. Please provide any board minutes that reflect discussion or debate of creating a “trans closet” or any type of “closet” for students to change out of what they left their home in and into something different

3. Please provide any letters or communications that were sent home to parents notifying them about this closet or explaining or describing it to them

4. Please provide photographs of the closet and the items in them


Moira Weidenmen, the school’s FOIA officer, replied and did not deny the existence of the closet, but claimed they had so many responsive documents that it would take a staff member 55 hours to complete the gathering of said documents, and they would need to charge me $30 an hour to do so. “After reviewing the request and the technical time required to fulfill it, we will need approximately 55 hours of staff time to execute this request. The current rate is $30 an hour,” she wrote.

This maneuvering is typical of corrupt government institutions that want to hide damaging information from the public. They know that hardly anyone will cough up that kind of money for a FOIA request. PJ Media is not ABC; we don’t have an unlimited amount of funds to spend on sneaky government officials’ attempts to avoid accountability. The school knows that if they attach unreasonable fees to FOIA requests, they will get rid of pesky inquiries almost immediately.


But not today, Satan. 

Today, I’ve organized two fundraisers from which you can choose in order to raise this ridiculous fee and expose this school. Here is the GoFundMe and here is the GiveSendGo. This is real journalism that the corporate media will not do. We have to do it ourselves. I am fighting the fees, but I have tried this in Colorado before and lost. I expect to lose again. So instead of wasting more time, I’m asking you, my dear readers, to help me raise the money so I can pay them and nullify their poorly hidden attempt to hide this information from you. If some miracle happens and they release the information without collecting the $1,650, I will refund everyone’s donation. I know we can do this in one day. Don’t let these groomer schools get away with harming children and doing it with your tax dollars.

There is no more worthwhile cause than making the government tell you what it is doing. Please help.

Here’s a video I made about this. WARNING: I definitely let some F words fly here, so take caution if there are kids around.




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