Will Smith Has Deeper Issues Than Not Being Able to Take a Joke, and It All Starts With Jada

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Who knew that sexual deviancy leads to unhappiness? We did. We try to impart that lesson here on PJ Media on a regular basis. Our current cultural morass — a sexually perverse stew — keeps showing us the truth if we will just listen. Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, are widely known to be in an “open relationship,” where they supposedly have sex with other people (though all we ever see is Jada catting around; Will never seems to be the one cheating).


Will’s violent outburst at the Oscars wasn’t because of that stupid G.I. Jane joke that Chris Rock told. This is a man whose existence is synonymous with being publicly humiliated by his wife over and over again. Last night was no exception. Jada’s anger prompted Will to act in an outrageous way, leading to more humiliation. This is their entire marriage. PJ Media’s Athena Thorne hit it out of the park with her VIP article, “Will Smith Is Angry and Weepy Because He’s a Pathetic Cuck” (sign up today!) concluding:

Will Smith used Chris Rock as a stand-in as he vented his rage at being openly cuckolded.

Doubtless, he really wants to hit the guys his wife is banging.

Maybe, he really wants to hit his wife.

Or maybe, he really wants to hit himself.


She’s right. If you want to ruin a man and a marriage, just insist that new sexual partners be brought in to satisfy your selfish “needs.” I have spent my morning putting together my analysis of this situation in a YouTube video. Please like and subscribe to my channel! I’ve been doing a lot of pop culture videos because that’s where I believe the fight will be won or lost. Conservatives need to engage in the culture and explain to those who consume it where it’s going wrong. This situation with Will Smith losing his mind is the perfect opportunity to explain what’s gone wrong in our culture, which has embraced the insidious slogan “words are violence.”



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