Tim Pool Swatted Live During Broadcast of 'Timcast'

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Tim Pool, host of the popular podcast “Timcast,” was in the middle of a broadcast on Thursday night when police raided his studio because they received a false call that reported a gunman was on the premises threatening to kill others and himself.


Cameras were rolling as the event happened, and the show went on despite the interruption by police. Pool was unnerved by the fact that police entered his property without a warrant. “I’m extremely unhappy with this,” he said. “I do not like cops coming into my house when we have mats all over the place that say ‘come back with a warrant.'”

Pool said police were apologetic but said they had received a call that two people had been shot and killed and the gunman was threatening to kill others. “I don’t want to drag them or be mean to them because they were polite but I’m not happy with the idea that they are walking into the studio while we are live; they’re walking around.”

Pool said the police told him they were going to do a sweep of his property and he asked them to come back with a warrant. He also revealed that whoever answered the door denied the police entry but the police entered anyway. One of Pool’s guests, Brandon Tatum, is a former police officer and suggested that Pool should develop a relationship with the police so that this does not happen again. Tatum was excellent in explaining how exigent circumstances work and acting as a cool head in a tense time. Pool did report that when he asked the officers to leave they did so after a quick check of the premises.

Pool has been embroiled in controversy since before Christmas, when he invited disgraced grifter, the “apex alpha gigachad” Jack Murphy, on the show after Murphy verbally abused Sydney Watson for asking him a question about an article he wrote where he described in graphic detail how he likes to be a “cuckold.” It was then discovered in the days after that Murphy also did amateur porn in 2019 and the videos of him performing went viral. For the details on that saga, you can read my report here. 


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Since Pool invited Murphy on to explain himself and his bad behavior, Pool’s audience has been incensed and has flooded the live chat during shows demanding that Pool denounce Murphy’s behavior and publicly address the fact that Murphy was literally caught with his pants down off, talking about how he wants to have sex with college boys while advocating for traditional family values and charging vulnerable men for advice on how to be “alpha.”

During the swatting a majority of live chatters were speculating that Jack Murphy could be responsible. Murphy usually comes on Pool’s show on Wednesdays but did not appear this Wednesday after the scandal broke. There is no evidence that Murphy had anything to do with the police action. Pool has not addressed the Murphy drama after Murphy appeared on his show for the last time, nor did he address any of the chats speculating about him. PJ Media reached out to Jack Murphy to ask if he was involved in the swatting and to give him the opportunity to respond. He did not respond by the time of publishing.

Other chatters speculated that Marjorie Taylor Greene’s appearance on the show on Wednesday of this week could have prompted the event since MTG has many unhinged haters of her own. “When you have someone like MTG on you generate a lot of attention,” said Pool. “Obviously the establishment really despises her and the activists really hate her. I don’t think she had anything to do with it, but it put us on the radar.” Hopefully, the false call will be investigated by police and the culprit will face justice.


Swatting is a serious and dangerous crime that carries a felony charge and significant jail time.


The full broadcast is below.


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