The True Story of Thanksgiving With El Rushbo

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Every year I have looked forward to the week of Thanksgiving when I cozy up to the AM radio and listen to Rush Limbaugh tell me the story of Thanksgiving…the true story…that many people have never heard. The one we’ve all heard over and over is about the hardships the Pilgrims faced in the New World and how the Native Americans helped them. That’s all true, but it doesn’t go far enough. Beyond that telling is a story of a failed socialist experiment and the beginning of the American dream based on nothing but merit. It’s a story that should be told every year. This is our first Thanksgiving without Rush’s voice carrying on this special tradition. Tough year. 


But the good news is that Rush’s voice is forever recorded in the EIB files. Grab the kids and gather ’round for the real story of Thanksgiving. Rush knew why it was important for the kids to hear why socialism doesn’t work at every opportunity and there’s no better time than at Thanksgiving to explain why.

The point is The True Story of Thanksgiving is spreading, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Bottom line: It is spreading. I’m just gonna cut to the chase here before getting into reading the text. The Real Story of Thanksgiving, going back to the very first early days of the Pilgrims arriving at Plymouth Rock, is that socialism failed.

This is crucially important today, because we have just elected a Democrat Party that is going to implement socialism if they win these two seats in Georgia, and they’re gonna try regardless. But if they win those two seats in Georgia, you can say good-bye to the United States as you know it. It will become a socialist state. It will begin the process of becoming…

Well, we’re way down the road towards it anyway. So, it is crucially important here for people to understand this. It’s not antiquated. It’s not a cliche. It’s not something that you can make fun of people about. You know, it used to be when I first started this show in the late eighties, early nineties, if you dared to refer to the Soviet Union as “communist,” people made fun of you.

“Ah, come on, Rush! You see a communist behind every rock,” and they tried to ridicule you out of identifying communists and communism. Castro, the ChiComs. I never buckled, but a lot of people did — and they’re doing it now. If you say, “The United States, the Democrat Party’s on the pathway to socialism,” they make fun of you. They mock you.

“Come on! You don’t believe that. You can’t believe that! That’s just silly,” and they try to mock you and make fun of you, to silence you. But, folks, it’s real.


Listen to the whole thing below:

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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