The Left Hates Its Own Medicine: What We Can Learn From 'Pilotgate'

(Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via AP)

As I watch the absolutely imbecilic meltdown by the left over what some Southwest airlines pilot might have said—and there’s a hard-to-hear video that shows he may have said “Let’s go Braves” and not “Let’s Go Brandon!”—I’m struck by how spoiled Democrats are.

They have absolutely zero self-awareness. These are the people who gleefully push their political views into every American institution we have. They have infiltrated the NFL, where fans who used to be able to escape the pressures of everyday life now must sit through woke versions of an anthem no one knows, witness players kneeling, and get lectured to by woke commercials selling everything from transgenderism for children to vaccine mandates, all while they’re just trying to watch a friggin’ game.

The left has full control over our public school systems. There, they proudly push their political views onto impressionable children, including giving them access to pornography, pushing controversial gender ideology with lgbtq+ agenda items-of-the-week, stumping for Democrats in the classroom, and more. Republican views are never disseminated in a public school setting, nor are religious views (unless it’s the Muslim religion, and then the children are taken on field trips to mosques and made to learn Islamic prayers). But public school children would never be taken to a Catholic cathedral to witness mass. That would be inappropriate!

The left has taken over our military. They have forced them to sit through diversity training and critical race theory, and have organized against any service member who wants to have informed consent over what is injected into their bodies. The left has forced their ideology onto us in every single facet of our lives.

You can’t even go to a doctor these days without being asked if you have guns in your house. And if you answer that question affirmatively, does anyone doubt your name goes on a list somewhere? You’re not allowed to post your thoughts on social media if they aren’t approved thoughts that agree with leftism’s tropes. Men can be women and if you think otherwise or say anything about biology or mental health, you’re out. You’re banned. You can’t have access to your family photos if you don’t agree with leftists.

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Late-night comedy is entirely from the perspective of Democrat leftists making fun of half the country every night ad nauseam. Every television show that exists pushes leftist agenda items like abortion, promiscuity, feminism, Black Lives Matter, racism, and whatever woke opinion is popular at the moment. The other night I was watching You, and one of the characters forced an anti-vaxxer to kill himself because his kid infected hers with measles. These people are sick. But we’re so used to it, we just roll our eyes and move on. We’re tough like that because we’ve had to exist in this defensive position our entire lives.

But one airline pilot on one flight somewhere makes a joke about the sitting Democrat president (maybe), and everyone left of Mitt Romney wants his head. It’s amazing to me that the scales are weighted so heavily in one direction and the winners can’t let something as innocuous as an inflight joke go. Don’t they see they’ve already won? But of course, this is the scorched-earth policy that makes the leftists winners. There will be no dissent. Not even in jest. All rebellion of any kind will be snuffed out until you are scared to think bad, unapproved thoughts, let alone say them out loud. 

This kind of terrorism imposed on us by the cultural Marxists is calculated, and the only way out of it is to be unafraid and encourage those around you to speak without fear and tell the bullies to pound sand. But there aren’t many of us left. Most people just want to keep their jobs and don’t have the luxury of a job whose employers enjoy controversial culture wars. I get it.

As for the pilot, he’s probably going to get fired. The New York Post reported:

Southwest is conducting an internal investigation into the recently reported event and will address the situation directly with any Employee involved while continuing to remind all Employees that public expression of personal opinions while on duty is unacceptable.

If only we all had to play by the same rules. And maybe that’s the answer. Will we ever make the left live by their own rules for once? If dissemination of political opinions is unacceptable while on duty, then let’s make sure anyone who does it gets fired. I’m not “better than that,” and neither should you be if you want freedom of speech to survive this constant onslaught. There have been some good developments in the public school wars where teachers who got caught on camera brainwashing students leftward have been given the boot. Let’s have more of that, but let’s expand this outside of schools. If you get scolded by leftists anywhere, give them the Southwest airline pilot treatment. Maybe if this gets too painful for the people pushing this garbage, they’ll agree to call a truce. Until then, turnabout is fair play.

Ridicule is a potent weapon. Saul Alinsky, author of the left’s bible, Rules for Radicals, admits it. And that’s why “Let’s Go Brandon” bothers the left so much that they want to make it illegal to say. It’s funny, it makes people laugh and it illustrates the media dishonesty everyone sees so clearly. We all know what the crowds are chanting, but now they’ve given us a non-vulgar way to say it (which we all prefer, unlike the left that glories in vulgarity and spent the last four years screaming “f*ck Trump” into microphones and printing it on T-shirts). “Let’s Go Brandon” is an effective way to get to the truth out with three little words, and the left can’t have that. Keep saying it. It’s working. Keep laughing at them because they are pathetic, but most of all because they hate it.


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