Feminist Rag Jezebel Says It's Okay to Bully Kyrsten Sinema in a Bathroom Stall

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Jezebel might be the worst piece of feminist garbage out there. It’s truly pathetic. But as bad as it is, I didn’t see this one coming. If they had any credibility left (and that’s debatable) it would be gone after this article and tweet, which they still haven’t deleted, though I’ve archived it for posterity: “Absolutely Bully Kyrsten Sinema Outside Of Her Bathroom Stall.”


I would like to remind the editors of Jezebel that Sinema is an LGBT senator, a self-described bisexual woman who, by that definition, should be off-limits to “bullying.” But she made a fatal mistake: not allowing Democrats to push her around. Because of her reluctance to vote for a spending bill that is an outrageous waste of taxpayer money, the gloves are off and there are no limits to what protesters can do to Sinema.

Jezebel is taking their marching orders to defend the filming of a senator in a bathroom from Joe Biden.

Even President Biden was seemingly unimpressed by all the whining, telling reporters during a Monday press conference that “It happens to everybody… it’s part of the process.”

He’s right. And for all the pearl-clutching, few are providing a more effective and safe alternative to what these activists did. They told Sinema, to her face—and through a door—that she was failing them and why. There was no violence, no rude language, nothing. Just a few constituents following their representative into a large bathroom to air their grievances.

The size of the bathroom is relevant to them. Are you kidding me?  Imagine for a moment what the media would be doing if AOC were followed into a bathroom and heckled through the stall. She’d be on “60 Minutes” the next day talking about how she was almost raped and the people who did it would be in solitary confinement: You know it, I know it, and Jezebel certainly knows it.


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Then there’s this gem. “Bullied Girls Are Growing Up To Have Serious Health Problems,” by none other than Jezebel. They actually have just under 300 articles about bullying on their site, including this one, where they rail against a school that gave stupid advice to students about downplaying bullying. Admittedly, this is terrible advice, but Jezebel suddenly wants us to think it’s okay to bully Kyrsten Sinema. They don’t think it’s okay to bully anyone else though.

 I can’t even bother with a line-by-line breakdown of what’s wrong with all of the points in this flyer, because honestly I think all of you are way too smart for that. Just like I don’t have to tell you what a serious issue bullying is and how awful the consequences can be.

What awful consequences are they worried about for Sinema? Are they concerned at all that being stalked in bathrooms, verbally assaulted on an enclosed airplane, and everywhere else she goes, by mentally unhinged haters is “awful”? Nah, they don’t. Bullying Sinema is okay because they’re so !@?#ing mad (cute unhinged leftists swearing for no reason). 


It’s no wonder her constituents—who don’t understand what the f— she’s doing any better than the rest of us—are piping mad. Mad enough to pester her after she finished teaching a class at ASU.

Grow up, Jezebel. Stop advocating for incivility because you can’t have your way. No one should be followed into a restroom and filmed. It is in fact illegal to film people in public bathrooms, but don’t expect the protesters stalkers to be held accountable.


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