Weekly Good News Round Up: Marine Power, Urban Legend Hilarity, and a Storybook Getaway


Happy Friday, everyone! It’s October! It’s sweater weather in New York and I’m still basking in the bliss of it.


Have you ever wondered what a Marine-powered car would look like?

Wonder no longer. These two lucky girls found themselves stuck in deep water behind a bus full of Marines. What do you think happened next? The most American thing ever. 


No, Karen. No one is spiking Halloween candy with weed (and if they are, please tell me where)

Every single year around Halloween the news networks decide they are going to run scary-sounding warnings for parents to check their kid’s candy for razor blades (in the ’80s), LSD (in the ’90s), and now weed gummies in the aughts. Here’s the thing though—those things are expensive. They’re like $20 a bag. NO ONE is giving those away (and if they are, please send me a map). Also, are we really supposed to get scared about gummies that will just put our kids to sleep if they eat some? (I’m not recommending it, but get real. This is not the time to panic.) The comments are the best part of this story. They are so funny. “BEWARE,” wrote ABC reporter Jaclyn Lee, “As Halloween gets closer, Bensalem Police are warning parents to LOOK at your child’s candy before they eat it. They confiscated these snacks that look a lot like the real thing. All are laced with THC.”

“Laced,” she says. Well, yes, dear. When you buy THC gummies, they are literally made out of THC, but I’m not sure how “laced” really relates. One commenter said, “My cigarettes are laced with tobacco!”

Here are some of my favorite replies. There are thousands of other good ones so if you’re bored and want a laugh, start scrolling.



If it ever becomes available (sold out, of course) you can rent Winnie the Pooh’s house as an Airbnb. You heard me. This storybook fantasy cottage is absolutely perfect in every way. Tucked into the countryside of Sussex, England, is a recreation of Pooh’s house in the Hundred Acre Wood. According to the Airbnb site, this place is a dream.

I brought Pooh’s house to life taking inspiration from the original decorations of E.H. Shepard, with exposed tree branches wrapped around the house, “Mr. Sanders” inscribed above the doorway, shelves stocked full of ‘hunny’ pots and bespoke wallpaper that I have designed.

For those all-important naps which Pooh is famed for, there is sleeping space for a family of four. The double bed will be floor level and the single beds will be on a mezzanine level accessed via timber ladders. For safety reasons, it’s recommended that only guests aged 6+ sleep in the single beds on the mezzanine level. A cot or camp bed can be provided on the ground floor for younger guests.

During each stay, guests will be taken on a guided tour through the original Hundred Acre Wood, play Poohsticks on the iconic Poohsticks Bridge and enjoy locally sourced hunny-inspired meals.

That’s all for me folks! Have a terrific weekend and make sure to hug and stuff. It’s good for you.


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