CHAZ/CHOP Season 2, Antisemitism Edition, Is Going to Be Lit in the Colorado Mountains

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Last year we had the distinct pleasure of covering the Autonomous Zone set up by antifa in Seattle called CHAZ—and then CHOP and then CHAZ/CHOP or something. It was awesome. We were treated to a real-time socialism experiment that failed miserably. The raping and robbing started almost immediately. There was a warlord and police were replaced with street thugs with guns. Remember the garden? I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard since. Marxists might be violent and dangerous but they’re also hilariously unskilled and most likely will die quickly in a real emergency.


John Kass of the Chicago Tribune described it best.

But before soup time, as a gardener I must draw a line in the mushroom compost when I see the horrifying gardening photos smuggled out of CHAZ/CHOP.

It looks like they just poured dirt on top of cardboard, or on top of old social distancing markers (remember social distancing?) and just stuck a few tomato plants or weed seedlings in there. They didn’t even water them. They’re withering.

Vegetables are not leftist performance art. Vegetables die without water. I’m afraid they’re using Brawndo for irrigation. No, no, a thousand times no. Brawndo is not good for plants. Plants need water.

Good times.

And those good times might be back! A new autonomous zone of sorts has popped up high in the Colorado mountains where a group that goes by the name Black Hammer has “liberated” 200 acres from the “colonizers.”

No one knows if they’ve bought this land or just colonized it but they are planning on building a “city.” These people are not antifa, they actually hate antifa and Karl Marx (which is also very funny). Instead, they appear to be some kind of communists but terribly racist against whites and especially Jews. They really, really dislike Jews. Hammer City is only for black and brown people.

Black Hammer has a leader and he’s….well, he’s interesting.

The comments are hysterical. Here are a sampling.

I genuinely feel sorry for them regarding the suffering they’re going to face trying to grow crops at 10,000 feet above sea level on that rocky mountain

 Even with water on the property I’m curious if they’ve actually secured water rites. Lack of water and elevation can be a reap bitch for lowlanders.

 He said it was RICH soil. He looks expert enough

 How would one go to make such a place on the mountains hypothetically?

 everybody is saying this is gonna end with an armed standoff with feds, but honestly that’s giving him too much credit. His followers maybe, but this theatre kid is gone at the first whiff of danger

 In the future you will have to choose between a commune run by the joker or a hyper slum where the walls monitor your small talk for hints of extremism

 at no point during the filming of that video (which undoubtedly required multiple takes) did any of the “Hammers” think to themselves “this is kinda goofy, i’m out”? grim

 true revolution can only begin when we unite to throw the theater kids into a very large pit

 They will get hungry and want to get home way before they get Waco’d. There’s no chance in hell they get even one successful crop harvest. This will just be CHAZ but rural.

Buckle up, everyone. Entertainment in 2021 just got better. Can we get some live-streaming cameras in Hammer City? Those Discovery people who film those shows about people surviving in the middle of nowhere need to get out there and film this historical event.

Sending thoughts and prayers that they make it through bear season.



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