5 Republican Governors Who Should Be Fired or Put on Probation

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The question keeps dogging me. Why are so many of our Republican governors absolute garbage when it comes to lockdowns and unconstitutional COVID restrictions and other issues important to conservatives, like election fairness? Why aren’t they aren’t all singing the same tune as Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kristi Noem of South Dakota? Instead of a unified chorus of “open the economy and send America’s kids back to school,” or “pursue every legal avenue to ensure election security” we have governors who are indistinguishable from the Democrats insistent on denying the people their rights.


Who are these terrible governors? Luckily for you I have a list. I hope that if any of these people on my worst list are your governors that you will organize to replace them as soon as possible and open up more states so we don’t all have to move to Florida.


Gov. Larry Hogan (Maryland)

Governor Hogan is a turd. There’s no other way to describe this person. From screwing up COVID tests to sucking up to the broads on “The View,” Larry Hogan might as well be a Democrat. In an article entitled, “With Republicans Like Governor Larry Hogan, Who Needs Democrats?” Haven Shoemaker, a Republican state delegate, let Hogan have it.

But for all of his many faults (and believe me, there are many), we may have seen his most egregious action this past week. At his most recent press conference, three days before Thanksgiving, and standing should-to-shoulder with his fellow Liberal Johnny Olszewski, Hogan wagged his ample, self-righteous finger at Marylanders and admonished them against congregating with friends and family for the holidays.

But he took it a step farther.

He announced increased executive order enforcement through the jackboot of the COVID police to make sure his edicts are being followed to a “T.”

Furthermore, Lockdown Larry announced the implementation of a snitch hotline where the “Karens” of the world can tattle on their neighbors for having too many people over for turkey and local businesses if they violate Hogan’s rules. I believe the number to call is 1-800-RAT-FINK.


Why do we elect these people? Larry Hogan needs to go.

Gov. Mike DeWine (Ohio)

It was nice of Politico to make a list of governors they think are doing great in the fight against COVID. It made finding the bad Republicans a lot easier. Politico’s description of Governor Mike DeWine’s response to COVID says everything I would have—except they think “constitutionally questionable” is a good thing.

Perhaps no single governor has done more to put the nation on a war footing in the fight against coronavirus than DeWine, whose actions have contributed to Ohio’s relatively modest number of cases, with a per capita infection rate currently ranked 27th out of 50 states.

On March 12, even though Ohio had yet to suffer a major outbreak of Covid-19, DeWine called for the statewide closure of public schools—the first governor in the nation to do so, forcing most of his fellow governors to recognize they had to follow suit, and fast. Likewise, DeWine set the pace on delaying primary elections, even if his snubbing of an initial court order was constitutionally questionable.

Without a major COVID-19 outbreak, DeWine deprived every child in Ohio the right to an education. Well, done, sir. You’re such a hero. Get rid of DeWine, Ohio. He’s the reason we can’t have nice things.

Gov. Doug Ducey (Arizona)

Governor Ducey broke with the GOP in his state who wanted a more stringent audit of the 2020 presidential election. His insistence on certifying the election without such an audit earned him an official censure from the Republican Party of Arizona. Republicans had asked for a different type of audit than the one they got. Ducey is responsible for denying it. According to AZ Central, the dispute was over ballot recounts.


There are a few distinctions between the type of audit the senators want to perform through the subpoenas and the type that the county approved.

The county’s audit will not study November 2020 ballots, which it says state law requires to be locked up for a certain period after the election. Therefore, another hand count of those ballots will not be performed.

Republicans have enough opposition from Democrats without having to fight their own governors. Why would a Republican governor not do everything in his power to reassure the voters of his state that they were not ripped off? You can blame Ducey as one of the major reasons why Republican voters don’t trust their election system. Ducey should go do something else for a living. I hear learning how to install solar panels might be an option.

Gov. Charlie Baker (Massachusetts)

Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts is indistinguishable from his Democrat peers. He is an avid lockdown fan and has been sued by his constituents who want their liberty back. Unfortunately, the disease we are plagued with is not COVID, but corruption and statism. The high court of Massachuttsets agreed with Baker and upheld his lockdown orders, which stomp on the liberty of the people. Commonwealth Magazine put to words the thoughts many in Massachusetts suffering a second lockdown are having.

At bottom, the governor’s orders have no reliable scientific basis.  Science entails the precise and logical application of specific and relevant objective data to the situation at hand.  Vague incantations that experts “advise” something to be “safe” are not science.  Indeed, our courts every day preclude well-credentialed experts from testifying to their opinions precisely because they are not logically founded on objective and relevant facts.

Finally, beyond their inherent harm in depriving Massachusetts residents of their fundamental freedoms, the governor’s decrees have caused immense tangible harm.  Businesses have lost vast sums, and many have gone or will go out of business.  Unemployment has approached Great Depression levels.  Individuals cannot afford their rent, mortgage payments, or food.  People have died from heart disease, stroke, and cancer, or lost limbs from diabetes, due to prohibitions against non-COVID health care or avoidance based on irrational fear stoked by the governor’s pronouncements.  Depression, suicide, alcoholism, other substance abuse, and domestic violence have increased. Students have been deprived of real education.  All have been deprived of normal human interaction.  And daily life is fundamentally dystopian.


The dystopian reality the people of Massachusetts are living through is the direct result of electing a Republican who might as well be a Democrat. Don’t do that again, Massachusetts. I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

Gov. Brian Kemp (Georgia)

Governor Brian Kemp is at the center of the election controversy in Georgia. Like in Arizona, Republicans were not allowed to check all avenues to see if the election was tampered with. How anyone can call that a fair election is beyond me. Republicans wanted to do signature verification audits but Governor Kemp and his secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, kept that from happening. Kemp claims he asked for the signature audits three times, but what kind of governor can’t get his own administration to do what he says? My bet is that he didn’t want to do it and let Raffensperger take the fall.

Kemp tweeted, “As I told the President this morning, I’ve publicly called for a signature audit three times (11/20, 11/24, 12/3) to restore confidence in our election process and to ensure that only legal votes are counted in Georgia.” What he said behind closed doors is unknown.

PJM columnist and Georgia resident Stacey Lennox thinks he’s not the worst governor out there.

Governor Kemp has actually done some great things. Lots us are on hold until we see what comes out of the legislature on election law. Overall, he’s been great. He was the first governor to reopen after lockdowns. He prevented blue mayors from being jerks and fining people for masks, etc. He shut down the BLM riots with the national Guard after giving Keisha Lance Bottoms room to fail. Our budget is balanced, our rainy day fund is intact and we just got the best state to do business in for the 7th time. Was I disappointed in his response after the election, yeah. Is it the most important thing to me if the pandemic election nonsense gets rolled back? Nah. He was the candidate in the 2018 primary election who said he would work with President Trump. Until November he did and stumped for the President at a rally.


Those are all worthwhile things, so maybe we can give Kemp a pass. But we’re watching you, sir.

Do better, Republicans. We can’t continue to be the reason we keep losing. If you think of any Republican governors who are doing a terrible job and should be added to this list, please add their names in the comments.

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