Shooting Near the White House: President Trump Removed From Press Briefing

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

The president left a press briefing abruptly on Monday after a Secret Service agent whispered something to him. President Trump immediately left the room with security. Members of the press reported that there was a security threat and possibly shots fired near the White House that prompted the move. Here’s the moment it happened.


OAN reporter Chanel Rion reported that the press was also on lockdown during the time the president was gone.

The president returned to the briefing room a short time later and calmly informed the press that law enforcement was involved in a shooting outside of the White House. “It seems that a person was shot by Secret Service,” Trump said. He also informed the media that the person was taken to the hospital.

“We live in a dangerous world,” said the president while remarking that law enforcement had it well under control. The president was asked if he felt rattled by the event and he responded with his usual aplomb: “Do I look rattled?”


Details on the shooting are slim. The New York Post reported that the incident took place at the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, right outside the White House and near Lafayette Park. The motive and circumstances surrounding the incident are unknown.

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