Media Gaslighting: Massive 'Black Trans Lives Matter' Protest Good, Trump Rally Dangerous

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This is why everyone hates the media.

Going to a Trump rally will kill you!

Did you know that going to a Trump rally will kill you but a massive Black Lives Matter rally is perfectly safe? Our media is actually trying to convince the public of this fantasy right now.


Let’s start with NBC News. The first report in the following tweet was about the huge protest in Brooklyn, New York—near the epicenter of the Chinese WuFlu outbreak—for “Black Trans Lives Matter.” This, the news outlet cheerfully captioned, “Rally for Black trans lives draws packed crowd to Brooklyn Museum plaza.” There isn’t a word about COVID fears or health scares anywhere. The second story was about the upcoming Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the headline read, “President Trump plans to rally his supporters next Saturday for the first time since most of the country was shuttered by the coronavirus. But health experts are questioning that decision.” These two stories were posted about an hour apart. Give me a break!

The narrative we are all expected to now swallow is simply absurd. We have watched for weeks as the media has supported and rallied for the George Floyd protests, where social distancing was a mere memory of a coronavirus era long passed and the masked people were mostly Antifa who didn’t want to be seen on camera throwing Molotov cocktails.

COVID knows if you’re at a Trump rally or a BLM protest

We have been told that these protests are more important than coronavirus concerns, including by the “health experts.” Over 1000 of them signed an open letter condemning lockdown protests but supporting BLM protests. You can’t bury your loved ones or go to church or sing in a choir because it’s too dangerous still. But you can amass for left-wing causes as much as you want. According to the “health experts,” the coronavirus is incredibly woke and will not attack people protesting just social causes but is a huge threat to gun-toting rednecks who want their constitutional rights back.


On April 30, heavily armed and predominantly white protesters entered the State Capitol building in Lansing,
Michigan, protesting stay-home orders and calls for widespread public masking to prevent the spread of
COVID-19. Infectious disease physicians and public health officials publicly condemned these actions and
privately mourned the widening rift between leaders in science and a subset of the communities that they
serve. As of May 30, we are witnessing continuing demonstrations in response to ongoing, pervasive, and
lethal institutional racism set off by the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among many other Black
lives taken by police. A public health response to these demonstrations is also warranted, but this message
must be wholly different from the response to white protesters resisting stay-home orders.

If it isn’t clear now that the coronavirus pandemic lockdown strategy was about control and power then you aren’t paying attention. As usual, the only people being forced to comply with the arbitrary and incomprehensible lockdown orders are law-abiding citizens who voted for Trump. Anyone else can do whatever they want as long as it is in the name of some far-left quackery and not in the name of the Constitution. And the media isn’t even hiding this ridiculous scam but are actively trying to make it a reality.

An editor at Teen Vogue called the Black Trans Lives Matter protest “historic.”


A CNN Business editor posted glowingly about it too.

MSNBC had a particularly glaring coverage of the Trump rally versus the Black Lives Matter protests. They interviewed a doctor about the risk of COVID transmission at the Trump rally and of course his diagnosis was deadly! “Dr. Patel on Trump’s plan to hold indoor rallies amid COVID-19: ‘We have evidence that that’s exactly how we are getting these super spreader events, whether it’s in a choir, in a church, at a party. We know that this is just a set up for disaster.'” It’s fun they threw in the reminder that singing hymns will also kill you. Chanting “DEFUND THE POLICE” in a mob, though, will not.

MSNBC, however, did not interview that same doctor to talk about the Black Lives Matter protests with mobs of people in close contact. Instead, they highlighted the events as “beautiful.”


It is quite clear at this point that all of this has been one giant mind-control game. Are you a victim? Or have you decided that you have a right to live your life without the permission of the government experts? I don’t know about you, but it will be a cold day in Hell before I ever again take the word of “experts” touted by the media as worthy of anything but contempt.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter



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