Cuomo Tweets Out Request for Supplies and America Rallies to Help. BIGLY.

Medical staff in protective gear administer a test for COVID-19 at a drive-through testing center in Paramus, N.J., Friday, March 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

I wrote an editorial on Friday scolding the news outlets who were writing panic-inducing stories about anonymous people and unnamed hospitals facing shortages with no way for the public to help. The only thing those kinds of stories do is make people anxious and worried and helps absolutely no one: not the hospitals in need, and not the public reading them. Finally, news outlets are doing what they should, naming the hospitals that are affected so the public can respond. The Wall Street Journal has a great article about the situation unfolding in New York, where supplies are running short as expected.


Governor Cuomo went straight to the people on Twitter and asked for help and provided a way for Americans to act. America responded exactly the way I knew she would.

His request was answered immediately by people with ingenious ideas, generosity, and American can-do spirit—not the doom-and-gloom fatalism exhibited by our media.


One problem people are running into is that the phone lines are jammed with offers to help.

Brady Frey has already started manufacturing hand sanitizer at a distillery. He’s supplying hospitals directly.

Textile companies offered their fabrics while others organized a plan to provide a million of masks to those in need.

Alan Silberberg, founder of Digijaks Group Cyber Security, offered to fly supplies from China.

Even tattoo parlors are pitching in.

This idea might be one of the best. Copper 3D made a 3-D printing pattern for masks available for free. Almost every public high school in America has these printers. This may be a viable option and 3-D print specialists are testing it right now.


JOANN craft stores, headquartered in Ohio, will be holding classes to teach people how to make masks, which will then be donated to local hospitals in need. They are also donating all the supplies for this project.

Wade Miquelon, president & CEO of JOANN said, “We are seeing hospital workers, organizations and individuals coming into our stores for supplies to make these essential items, and our customers are asking us how they can help. So many are spending their time and money to help in this tragic situation, and we want to step in to do our part to protect the amazing people who are helping the communities we serve.”


America is proving that whatever the need, we will be able to fill it. There is every reason for hope, just like the president tried to tell the dour-faced press, who are looking for any reason to panic the public. Negativity and pessimism are damaging. Optimism, hope, and working together are the way forward. Please share Governor Cuomo’s request with everyone you know. We can do this.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter



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