America 2.0: Where You're Now a Racist if You Love (or Hate!) Indian Food

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Welcome to America 2.0. The country that used to celebrate wild and offensive freedom has now boiled down to people screeching “RAAAAAACIST” at one another over the Internet for not enjoying pork vindaloo. For real. The world’s greatest country — which freed entire nations, saved the world more than once from murderous thugs, invented indoor plumbing, sent men to the moon, and brought you the automatic clothes washer — is now crumbling into tribal warfare at a mind-numbing speed. And I do mean mind-numbing. I am now dumber for having followed what I’m about to report to you.


Saira Rao is a first-generation Indian-American, a former congressional candidate in Colorado, and the co-founder of “Magazine Haven” and Race2Dinner. Her pronouns, in case you can’t tell, are “she/her/hers,” according to her Twitter description. Race2Dinner appears to be some kind of torture night for white women who want to get woke. The tagline is “White women: Let’s talk about racism and your complicity.”

Because nothing says healing and moving forward together more than battering people who are two hundred years removed from slavery.

A description of these fun evenings reads: “White women attending these dinners need to be committed to resisting white defenses, the host is prepared to interrupt white fragility in order to protect and center the conversation around Rao and Jackson so as not to derail the conversation, and they pay $2,500 to participate.”

Well, clearly the white women involved in this wouldn’t be truly sorry for all the suffering they caused if it didn’t cost them thousands of dollars to have brown people scream at them over chicken casserole. This is like S&M for the white-guilt crowd, only hold the pleasure and pour on the pain.


I’m sure you’re running to sign up to be berated in your own home by race-obsessed feminists. The website reads, “So you are willing to set aside your white woman tears? To start the process of hosting a Race 2 Dinner, fill out the form below.” Sounds awesome.

But if you do host this dinner, make sure you don’t serve any food other than what is racially assigned to you. Rao is very serious about white people and Indian food. First, she’s upset if you don’t like it. “Having white people trash Indian food is extremely triggering as an Indian who has been told that I smell weird, that my food smells weird and that Indians sh*t on the street which is why everything we are smells bad,” she wrote.

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Facts are also racist, I guess. It turns out that over 40% of Indian people defecate in the open. Reports,

More people in India practice open defecation (44%) than use toilets connected to adequate waste management systems (40%). That’s more than half a billion people defecating in the open, oftentimes in festering pits that leach into sources of water. This leads to countless forms of disease, which impacts a person’s ability to grow, do their job, or go to school.


If I were Rao, though, I would just point out that San Francisco is quickly approaching Mumbai hygiene standards, so Americans have no room to talk. But don’t reply to her or her followers and tell them that you like Indian food as a white person either. That’s also racist. “Like, my mentions are filling up with white people who are enthusiastic about my food. Where is your enthusiasm for my humanity? Just wondering,” wrote Rao cheerleader Sonia Gupta.

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Right on cue, comedian Aaron Berg took the opportunity to mock the Twitter tantrum about stuff some white people don’t like.

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This set off a war between Rao and Berg that ended with the comedy club he is performing at responding the only way anyone in a free country should respond to wokescolds trying to get comedians fired for being funny: When Rao’s followers started attacking the club, White Plains Comedy Club took the opportunity to sell more tickets.

They didn’t stop there.

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Predictably, when caught trying to silence people’s right to speak freely, leftists claim they’ve been wronged or threatened. Ms. Gupta targeted Berg’s job. Then she accused him of sending a mob after her. The question must be asked of Twitter: How is it not “targeted harassment” and against their rules to specifically target a man by name to his employer to get him fired? Gupta claimed that Berg “initiated harassment against me and other people of color,” when it seems that they went for his job for telling a joke. I’m not sure I would call Berg an instigator for commenting on a stupid tweet.


It’s funny to me how feminists, who claim to be equal in all things to men and full of their own “empowerment,” immediately jump to “save me, Twitter, I’m a target of male harassment!” They also never seem to see their own racism in tearing down white people and stereotyping them at every opportunity. Yeah, I know. Brown people can’t be racists. We’ve heard. It’s getting more and more difficult to care about the plight of people whose biggest problem is that some other people think Indian food is gross.

If anyone had told me that in the 2000s we would be fighting about not liking pork vindaloo as an indicator of racism, I would have never believed it. Yet, here we are. The future is now. Is 2019 over yet?

To his credit, Berg doesn’t seem too upset by it. Maybe cancel culture is hack now. That would be a welcome development.

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo.” Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter


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