Headmistress of Elite Girls' School: Some Students Claim to Be Trans to Cause 'Turbulence at School'

People take part in the Trans Pride March in Portland, Ore., on June 16, 2018, celebrating gender identity. (Photo by Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA)(Sipa via AP Images)

The former headmistress of an elite all-girls school in London has gone on the record to admit what we all know. Transgenderism is mostly a fad, especially among the young kids who are always looking for something to rebel against.


The Daily Mail had the story.

Schools are facing a ‘transtrender problem’ with pupils identifying as transgender to be cool and rebellious, a former top headmistress said yesterday.

Clarissa Farr claimed that it has become trendy for some girls to say they are trans or ‘non-binary’.

She said while some pupils had genuine concerns about gender identity, staff believed others were trying to cause ‘turbulence’ in school.

The former head of the private St Paul’s Girls’ School in London suggested a bandwagon was causing students with no real gender issues to come forward claiming they are trans.

Transtrender is a term used for people who claim to be trans but never go through any altering surgeries or hormone treatments to proceed toward transition. Instead, they just demand the public call them by a pronoun that doesn’t match their secondary sex characteristics. Like this dude.


Farr, the headmistress, admitted to the Daily Mail that the faculty knows what’s going on. “‘It’s what we, I’m afraid, in the staff room at the end of a long day called the “transtrender problem” where you’ve got these individuals adhering to the issue because they’d adhere to anything that was a bit radical and might cause a little bit of turbulence in the school.”

We all know kids like that, don’t we? Back in my day, it was the punk rockers; then after them, it was the goth kids. Contrary to the claim by the far-left transgender crowd, transtrenders do exist and they outnumber kids who actually suffer from gender dysphoria. How many there are is unknown, but consider that the Gender Identity Clinic in the UK has seen a 400 percent increase in children referred for service. This is not a natural situation. Instead of giving these kids access to whatever bathrooms or locker rooms they want while taking away privacy from the opposite sex, we should all start treating them exactly the way we do other rebellious kids. Detention and suspension. National policy needs to shift toward sex segregation through compulsory school age. After that, when they’re 18 they can do whatever nonsense they want and yap endlessly about pronouns. But at this point, it’s all a giant distraction that should not be allowed to go on in a school setting. Today’s rebels are no different than yesterday’s and they should all be in detention together.



If you don’t believe that the kids are up to no good, peruse YouTube for a while under the topic “I was a transtrender.” You’ll find hundreds of video confessions just like this one. And just imagine how many more are out there too scared to admit they did it for the attention, or to shock the squares. Why do the adults in the room keep allowing it to happen?



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