Merriam-Webster Adds 'They' as Singular 'Non-Binary' Pronoun to Dictionary. God Help Us.

Logo of Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Public domain.

The slide toward total insanity continues as Merriam-Webster has added “they” as a singular non-binary pronoun to the Dictionary. Soon, we will not be able to understand each other.


The Merriam-Webster website expounds on the definition of “they”:

I will not partake in this nonsense. As a person who appreciates grammar, I will not use a plural pronoun to describe a single person. And Merriam-Webster can’t make me. It’s vitally important to resist what we know to be false definitions of words. There is a purpose to these linguistic games. Praeger University has an excellent video on the topic.

The Federalist also summed up the abuse of language by the left quite well in “How the Left’s War on Minds Manipulates Your Mind.”

Defining words on subjective views defeats the purpose of language, because it creates an endless guessing game, and empowers the other party to choose when to reward and when to punish the speaker. By sabotaging the accepted unity of sex and gender, dozens of new pronouns sprang into existence.

New words do not harm discourse, unless they are thrust upon people and enforced through speech codes. Controlling how people speak is the implicit goal of this movement, which combined with anti-hate-speech activism seeks to empower the Left as the arbiters of morality and to punish those who wrongfully use language—ironically, achieved by abusing language themselves.


And we all know that the left intends to force us to use their words or suffer consequences, like jailing. The UK is living out the left’s fantasy of imprisoning people who refuse to play these games. 

Do not comply. The only way to stop this is to refuse to play along. My suggestion is to refer to anyone who claims to use “they/them” pronouns as the name he or she goes by. No one has the right to force you to lie or butcher the English language. Period.


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