California Law to Require State Universities to Provide Abortions on Campus

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If you thought California couldn’t get worse, think again. Governor Gavin Newsom is promising to sign a bill requiring public universities in California to offer abortions on campus. The bill, 2B-24, states that “abortion care is a constitutional right,” and that “the state has an interest in ensuring that every pregnant person in California who wants to have an abortion can obtain access to that care as easily and as early in pregnancy as possible.”


According to the legislature, hopping an Uber to a local abortion clinic is too darn hard. “Vice” reported:

A 2017 report on students’ access to abortion found that the average distances student must travel from a California public university to an abortion clinic is about five miles and takes just under 40 minutes, one way, via public transportation. Medication abortions in California require two visits.

Instead of forcing students to travel a whole five miles to a clinic, California’s state universities are going to be required to provide the abortion pill on campus. Who’s going to pay for this? Certainly not the students. That would be ridiculous.

The commission shall administer the College Student Health Center Sexual and Reproductive Health Preparation Fund, which is established by this chapter for the purposes of providing private moneys in the form of direct allocations to the University of California and the California State University to support medication abortion readiness at each public university student health center. Notwithstanding any other law, the commission is authorized to receive moneys from nonstate entities, including, but not necessarily limited to, private sector entities and local and federal government agencies, specifically to support the fund, and deposit these moneys into the fund.


Who these “private” donors are, who can’t wait to kill other people’s offspring, is a mystery.

Can Californians get any more bizarre?

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