CNN's Brian Stelter Can't Distinguish Fake News From Obvious Babylon Bee Satire

CNN's Brian Stelter in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Confirming that the left has lost their funny bone, Brian Stelter took to Twitter to answer an inquiry about a Babylon Bee article that he declared “fake news.”


Babylon Bee is the best satire site out there. It’s so good it has surpassed The Onion in relevance and hilarity by a mile with recent headlines like “Trump Claims Crowd Was Generously Offering To Mail Omar Some Classical Music With Chant Of ‘Send Her Bach’!” and “Man Who Doesn’t Believe Single Word Of Bible Quotes Bible To Prove Political Point.” But satire is not something Stelter believes in, apparently, because he put sarcastic quotes around the word, leading us to believe he doesn’t actually think the Bee is satirical at all but actively engaged in pushing out “fake news” (just like his employer).

The Babylon Bee’s satire is so obvious that even their tagline gives it away; “Fake news you can trust!” But not to CNN hosts who are so mired in their own fake news that they’re sure everyone else is doing it, too.


The laughing and mocking must have been too much for Stelter because he deleted it.

Although, the “Bee” does occasionally get so close to the truth, it’s not so easy to tell the difference. Take this article, “‘There Is No Slippery Slope,’ Says Movement Hurtling Down Slippery Slope At Maximum Velocity,” about Drag Queen Story Hour and forcing women to wax male private parts against their will. Maybe life is just too absurd now for anyone to properly pull off satire without confusing some of the lower-IQ crowd. Is it really Babylon Bee’s fault?


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