'Female Blackout' to Take Over Social Media for One Day to Stick It to Men

The feminists are organizing on Facebook again and one of my girlfriends sent me their announcement for entry into our “Virtue Signal Contest” that is ongoing. We try to outdo one another in finding the dumbest virtue signals out there and this takes the cake. The idea is that if we all change our Facebook profile photos to black squares, the men will all wonder where we went. It’s like the paintings in Harry Potter. We’ll just walk out of our profile photos and every man on social media is going to be panicked about where all the women went! They will be terrified and shaking, unable to go on with their days because they will believe that we are gone forever. They will feel sad and lonely and this will stop abuse.


No, really.

It isn’t that domestic abuse doesn’t deserve attention, but this is just silly. And more likely, it’s just another way to scream at men that they are bad and women are superior just for having female chromosomes. This is a stupid dogma. Women are not saints. Front holes don’t equal holiness. Anyone who has ever had interaction with women can testify to the fact that some of them are downright diabolical.

At the same time the current culture is putting women on a pedestal, it is continually insulting and slandering men. I’m so sick of it. I love men. I love my dad, my husband, my son, my brothers-in-law, my cousins, my friends, firemen (especially their calendars), policemen, baseball players, football players in those shiny pants, Bruce Willis… wait, where was I going with this?

What’s not to love? The vast majority of men we all interact with every day are decent, upstanding men. The man bashing is exhausting. Mothers everywhere are terrified that one day their sons are going to be hauled in front of a judge or Senate panel and falsely accused. And wives are panicking that their husbands may be targeted in the same way. I told mine to wire his office with cameras!


Alyssa Milano, a well-known political science genius actress, gave this stunning and articulate interview on the problem of men. (Remember, Alyssa, when you forget what you were going to say, go with “patriarchy” and then check your notes for the talking points you got from DiFi.)


You know the women’s movement is searching for a purpose when it starts searching for problems in elementary school.

The only patriarchy I’m aware of is the privilege men have of doing all the dirty, dangerous, hard labor we’ll never see Alyssa Milano signing up for. I wonder if she ever thinks of how the sidewalk beneath her Manolo Blahnik-ed feet got there. Men build our cities, unclog sewage pipes, face down danger, save lives, teach, coach, and serve. There is no reason not to go make them a sandwich for their trouble.

And so, for all the women out there who are sick to death of being lumped in with the rabid, angry, man-hating mob, I have an alternative for “Female Blackout” day. Instead of black squares, we can post this delicious-looking sandwich as a reminder that we love our men, we appreciate them, we do not assume they are predators, we honor the sacrifices they make for our families, and we love making them tasty sandwiches. If nothing else, it’ll tick off the blackout brigade by reminding them that there are women out here who don’t blindly follow their crusade of division. We love our boys and our men and we’re going to fight for them during this time of anti-male insanity.



All girls the same

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