After Screwing the GOP, Jeff Flake Parties with Sen. Coons, Rock Stars at Global Citizen Festival

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Smiling from ear to duplicitous ear, Sen. Jeff Flake (fake Republican-Ariz.) took the stage in front of a roaring crowd of #GlobalCitizens at a rock festival on Saturday. Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), the chap who seems to have talked Flake into betraying his constituents and party leaders, was alongside him in a bipartisan show of support for the big fat wrench in the form of a “one-week” delay in the confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh. I put “one-week” in quotes because the chances of it ending before the midterms are about as minuscule as Lindsay Lohan making good life choices. It’s possible, but it sure doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon.


You would think that in this very serious time, where Flake himself worried that America is tearing itself apart over the “intergalactic freakshow” the Senate process has become, he would be more reserved and serious about the decision he made to drag it out even longer and put half of the country he is supposed to be representing on high blood pressure meds. You would think he would have the good sense to be photographed with Mitch McConnell, looking deeply concerned. But no. Instead, we get this: He thinks he’s a flippin’ rock star!

“You can join me in an elevator anytime!” a beaming Flake shouts to a crowd of screaming twenty-year-olds whose brains haven’t fully developed yet and who probably think he’s one of the dads on Full House. The audience he’s trying to impress is full of the socialist-cheering young people hanging on every word of the likes of Janet Jackson, John Legend, Robert De Niro, and Disney stars I can’t name. Every single one of them is a far-left kook.


Of course, the rest of us spent the hours after his ridiculous stunt in shocked disbelief that once again America is going to torture the Kavanaugh family over unsubstantiated allegations that every witness has denied. Only this time, instead of torturing the Kavanaughs with the Muppet Show of Hate in the Senate, we’re going to do it with the FBI. The same FBI, by the way, whose operatives were texting each other about stopping the election of the president who nominated Kavanaugh. Sure. This will be fair.

I knew the minute Flake walked out of the Senate meeting he was going to ffffffffff**k it up. He only cares about one thing: Jeff Flake being loved. And look at him now! He’s on a stage being cheered by hot girls with low morals who love abortion. Score! It’s much more difficult to do the right thing and keep your word and vote yes on the confirmation of a man you know has been railroaded by the Democrat smear machine.

Let’s be completely honest. None of this is about Brett Kavanaugh. It’s about Merrick Garland. The Democrats will never forgive the Republicans for using the rules (that the Dems created) to keep him out of the SCOTUS chair. But here’s the big difference: At the time of Garland’s nomination, the Republicans had the majority in the Senate. They used their majority rule to delay the confirmation process. It was perfectly legal and a good move to keep another social activist off the court. The Democrats would have done the exact same thing if the situation were reversed and they know it. However, what we have here with the Kavanaugh nomination is the Democrats breaking all kinds of rules, and probably laws too, to destroy our system of government. Since when is it legal or moral to smear a man?


Scott Adams put out a great Periscope about this very topic of Republicans who love rules. He basically said that the Democrats will break all the rules and violate the Constitution or laws to get what they want. Republicans will use the rules to fix it, whether that’s stalling to seat a nominee or voters streaming to the polls to stop the Democrats from their lawlessness. It was a brilliant point and very true.

There has never been one SCOTUS nominee put up by a Democrat in my lifetime who was smeared by Republicans in this way. But we can now name three Republican nominees who have faced absolute mayhem perpetrated by the Democrat hitmen: Bork, Thomas, and Kavanaugh.

If you can’t see this pattern, there’s something wrong with you. It’s their whole playbook.

I hope Senator Flake is having a wonderful time in the green room with all those celebrities who would like nothing more than to wipe his constituents off the map. How fun for him. Take lots of selfies, Jeff! #GoFlllllllakeYourself






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