The Left Wants to Talk about Mental Health. Let's Start with Theirs

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The new mantra against Donald Trump is that he’s “mentally unstable!” “unfit!” “like a child” and “losing his mind.” That’s rich coming from the community that brought us giant vagina costumes as a form of protest.


These are the people who are so sane they want us to believe they can declare other people insane without medical degrees or any kind of expertise. Not only do they think dressing up as genitalia is a delightful and totally normal thing to do on a Saturday, they also think beating up statues is a worthwhile endeavor.

And don’t forget screaming at robots on vacation.

These very same people also believed that President Trump watches a cobbled-together TV station called the Gorilla Channel for 17 hours a day.

But if you were concerned about their mental capacity after that, wait until you see this! There’s an entire movement dedicated to shunning feminine hygiene and bio-hazard protocols. This is the “party of science,” remember.


Are we really supposed to take these people’s concerns about sanity seriously? When they aren’t bleeding on commuter trains, they’re committing crimes against themselves and blaming you for a hate crime to score political points. That’s not psychotic at all. These are the people passing judgment on the president.

Then there’s the screaming helplessly at the sky when elections don’t go their way. YepThat’s normal.

We’re all very lucky we have these people to alert us to mental illness. They should know. If you missed President Trump (Very Stable Genius) responding to these charges of mental incompetence, let me fix that. This might be my favorite tweet storm ever.


If you haven’t seen Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ Periscope broadcast about Trump’s trap (that everyone fell for), don’t miss it. It’s mighty comical that the people who declare the president is a mental midget can’t even refrain from taking obvious troll bait. Are these really the people we are supposed to think are sane and fully functioning? Really? Try harder.






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