Demonic Clown Drag Queen Does Story Time at Michelle Obama Public Library

(Image via Instagram/Xochi Mochi)

In what can only be described as an ironic venue, a demonic killer clown in drag was hired to read stories to preschoolers at the Michelle Obama Public Library in Long Beach, California. As if California couldn’t be more of a cliche, they go and prove us wrong again. On October 14, the library hosted this sick event featuring a demonic killer clown drag queen…for children. Was Baphomet busy?


This particular drag queen, named Xochi Mochi, calls himself a “killer clown from outerspace,” “dragula,” and “Super Monster.” Consider for a moment that many children get scared when they go to see Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny and yet a public library children’s librarian thought a visit with a killer clown would be fun!

This gives me nightmares. I can only imagine what my three-year-old would think. Long Beach isn’t the first community to do this. They have jumped on the bandwagon that started in New York libraries, where virtue signaling parents haul their little ones to sit in the presence of drag queens so everyone will see how compliant with the new directives they are. Aren’t they tolerant? Aren’t they wonderful? Everyone clap for the useful idiots!


Libraries today are nothing more than an apparatus for injecting leftist ideology into children — from pushing porn-filled books to indoctrinating them into the LGBTQ groupthink. Libraries have long been run by the ultra-leftist group, the American Library Association, which promotes anti-American programs like Muslim Journeys. This program brought Muslim imams into public libraries to proselytize to Americans about how “peaceful” Islam is. The display included children’s books about Mohammed (which curiously left out his penchant for 9-year-old girls to satisfy his sexual emergencies).

During banned books week, a library in St. Mary’s, Maryland, put the above book on display for tweens. Notice what the sticker on the front is half covering? It will come as no surprise that on page two there is the phrase “cocktease.” It’s as if they aren’t even trying to hide the debauchery anymore.Β 

Excerpt of Cherry by Lindsey Rosin, taken from Amazon preview

Another book featured for young girls at the St. Mary’s library was this one with graphic depictions of sex acts on almost every page masquerading as a “healthy” guide to sexuality.

Photo credit, Georgia Kijesky

Libraries used to be places of refuge for children and adults. But the left has successfully destroyed that in almost all major cities and suburbs. The only libraries that seem to still operate as places of higher learning are in red states or in the rural areas. Be very careful if you are living in or near an urban center when sending your kids to the library. They may encounter worse than written porn, like actual men watching live porn and pleasuring themselves right there in the library without any interference from staff. That’s what I discovered in a wealthy suburban library outside of Chicago and spent three years fighting.


Some libraries are also offering “sex education” classes to which parents are not welcome. St. Mary’s library in Maryland offered one taught by a lesbian pole dancer and parents were not allowed into the class. On a table near the “classroom” were a variety of condoms and lube.Β I know that sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.Β 

Photo used with permission from Credit/Joy Shrum

The culture war is a very real thing and it requires parents to push back against this onslaught hard. Our children are not guinea pigs for sexual experimentation. We were told that gay rights were about LGBTQWTF folks just being able to live out their lives the way they wanted. What we have discovered is that no matter what “rights” this community is given, they aren’t satisfied with personal freedom. They want to take away your freedom in the process. The constant assault on traditional values will never end. You will bake them whatever cake they want, give them your children for deviant sexual experimentation, and you will praise them for forcing you to violate your beliefs — or be branded a homophobe. Welcome to the new normal. Are you fed up yet?


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