Dolce & Gabbana Founder Is Telling Melania's Critics to 'F**k Off' and It's Hilarious

Melania Trump, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana ruffled lace and tulle midi dress, attends a dinner hosted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, in Jerusalem, Israel. (Rex Features via AP Images)

After listening to designers whine about dressing first lady Melania Trump or flat-out refusing to do so (as if anyone asked them), it’s refreshing and downright hysterical to watch Dolce & Gabbana founder Stefano Gabbana tell his critics where to shove it. Gabbana has been an outspoken fan of the first lady, eagerly providing looks for her that she has worn flawlessly, causing angst in all the usual places.


Apparently, fashion design fans believe that designers should only dress people they agree with politically. It’s fun to watch someone pushing back.

Gabbana is quite a character, refusing to allow anyone to label him “gay” because he wants to keep his private life private. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the gay community hates that with the fire of a thousand suns because gay people are only supposed to group-think and stay with the herd. Gabbana seems to have an innate talent for triggering the easily triggerable, providing entertainment for the rest of us. The Daily Mail reported:

He posted a photo of her earlier this year on Instagram, and once again defended her when attacked about dressing the wife of Donald Trump.

“Melania Trump #DGwoman thank you #madeinitaly,” wrote Gabanna, along with multiple heart emojis.

Almost as soon as he posted the photo, Instagram users began to go after him in the comment section of his post.

“Discussing you dressed her shame on you!!!!” wrote one user.

Gabbana then fired back at the woman: “Ignorant.”

“Yuck. I think I just bought my last Dolce piece,” wrote another individual.

Gabbana replied to that by writing: “Great.” He also included a heart emoji.

“So disappointed,” said one person.

“I don’t care,” replied Gabbana.


In another exchange, he had choice words in Italian that loosely translate to “f*** off!” Gabbana’s Instagram account is awash in gorgeous photos of Melania and her husband looking dapper.

He clearly couldn’t care less what the far-left activists think of him or his love of Melania Trump. It’s too bad that the rabid Trump haters have driven people to the point of using obscenity to communicate with them, but it appears to be one thing they do understand after many years of reveling in it.

Left unchallenged, these people would command your every move from what you’re allowed to buy, to what food you can eat, to what sexual education you have to give your kids, to what genitals you must be attracted to (for real). So it’s best to do what Gabbana has done and put them in their place quickly and succinctly. I suggest we relay the same message to all the hoards of pajama-clad nannying busybodies who presume to tell everyone how to live and what to like by way of intimidation and harassment. Va’ all’inferno!





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