WHAT??? Why Did Cracker Barrel Fire Brad's Wife!?!?!


It all began with this post on Facebook by a distraught man whose wife had been unceremoniously fired after eleven years as a server at a Cracker Barrel in Corydon, Indiana:


To add insult to injury, she was fired on his birthday. Byrd wrote on Facebook that the decision to fire his wife had come from the “home office” and not the Corydon location. As the silence from Cracker Barrel stretched out, the Internet took notice. It got a little nuts from there. Hashtags were born. Memes were made and hilarity ensued.


Once the Internet has found something fun to do, it doesn’t stop playing. The continued silence of Cracker Barrel fanned the flames.

There’s always one guy who doesn’t get the joke.

The absolute worst thing you can do once the Internet has decided it wants something is to tell it it’s wrong. Bad move.

But the firing of Brad’s wife may be the one thing that finally united a divided country.

Don’t try to throw us off with your delicious bacon, Cracker Barrel! We’re not having it!

But even after all this AND a petition, Cracker Barrel still hadn’t made a statement about the boiling controversy.

And we finally know why April the giraffe won’t give birth!


But the part where tears began to roll down my cheeks and I shook with laughter, barely able to breathe was upon reading the Easter-themed messages after Cracker Barrel posted this photo of a stuffed decorative cross. (Please swallow all liquids before reading and maybe go to the bathroom if you’re at the office because you will not be able to pretend you are working soon.)


I think it’s safe to say we all want to know why Brad’s wife was fired and when she’s going to get her job back. Cracker Barrel isn’t going to be able to ignore this for very long.

I see an Ellen Degeneres appearance for Brad and Brad’s wife soon. While it has been a trying time for one family, this was the balm of humor and togetherness America needed right now. Thank you, Brad. Thank you, Brad’s wife. And Cracker Barrel … give her the job back already so we can all come in for celebratory waffles (named after Brad’s wife).


UPDATE Friday 10:09 p.m. EST: There’s now an ANTHEM dedicated to Brad’s wife! Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics:

I walked into my favorite restaurant
Only to find Brad’s wife wasn’t there
When I asked them for an answer they refused to give a reply
Now I’m left here wondering, why’d you have to make Brad cry?

Shame on you Cracker Barrel, 11 long hard years
Let go without a reason as her husband gained a year
Paid into your CB care without a second though
Never gained a penny from it – Nanette we feel your loss

#BradsWifeMatters #JusticeForBradsWife


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