The End of Comedy: TV Land's Raunchy 'Teachers' Gets an 'F'

I don’t watch much of anything if it isn’t on Netflix, but I happened to be scrolling through On Demand and decided to give TV Land’s “Teachers” a go. It’s in its second season, but I just discovered it. Lately, everything on TV is pushing some super political agenda with the gaying of everything, the transgendering of everyone, and abortions as a sacramental event (I’m looking at you “Scandal”). I’m physically and emotionally exhausted from all the agenda pushing on TV that stomps on half of America’s values. Most times I feel like screaming at the TV: “I EXIST! And I’m NOT a caricature of a Christian shut-in who’s super judgmental, hates gay people, and has a gun rack in her truck.” So I stick to reruns of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” You know, a comedy show that never veers into politics or social justice and instead is funny. I know this is a difficult concept for anyone to grasp anymore, especially at the writer’s table in Hollywood. Look, envelope pushers … there’s no more envelope. It fell off the edge about four years ago never to be seen again. And yet, they keep trying.


One of the latest misfires is this “Teachers” show, which stars children saying and doing things that would get parental rights revoked in the real world. Seriously. I should have known just how bad this was going to get when one of the teachers in the show was shown in the opener completely naked surrounded by several other naked people passed out on the floor as she sang to us about her summer where she participated in orgies. Another was shown waking up on the floor of a bar from which she drags herself to the first day of school to teach America’s kids. Lovely.

There was a time when female teachers in America were held to morality standards. If this is what happens without those standards, I say let’s bring them back. No more gentlemen callers! But seriously, six minutes into this monstrosity, a little girl no older than eight years old and wearing a dog collar marches up to her teacher and calls her a “baggy-assed ho” (and in defense of the child, the teacher is wearing something that looks like bondage gear with a lot of cleavage). This was followed by a little boy about nine who calls her “Miss Snatch.” Then the camera pans to a little girl suggestively sucking a lollipop in a way that made my mama radar start shrieking.


In an attempt to bond with her “Hell Class” the “baggy-assed ho” teacher decides to put on rap music and twerk upside down on the blackboard. I’m not kidding. This is happening in front of 8-year-olds. They all laugh like crazy when her butt implants fall out of her pants and the same little bratty potty mouth calls her a “flat-assed bitch.” Another teacher in a different class with broken air conditioners takes off her shirt and teaches wearing a see-through white tank top with a black bra visible underneath. Considering James O’Keefe just released a video about a child-molesting teacher being set free with no charges after forcibly molesting students at knifepoint, this type of comedy isn’t funny to me … at all.



I realize this is a show meant for adults and it’s on late, but there is a large cast of children saying these lines and being exposed to this trash. Who are the parents that would allow this kind of abuse to be heaped on their own children? It’s cringeworthy. Is a spot on a sitcom so important to you that you would turn your child into a sexualized object who swears at adults? How much money would it take for you to pimp out your child like this? Is anyone watching this garbage? I hope not.

How much longer before the pendulum swings back toward decent entertainment? I can’t take much more of this.




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