Still Not Tired of Winning? Watch an Airline Throw a Rabid Hillary Supporter Off a Flight!

This week just keeps getting better and better. I didn’t think anything could give me more glee than watching Donald Trump inaugurated while this was happening.


But apparently, this is the week that just keeps on giving. Scott Koteskey was flying home from the festivities in Washington, D.C., when he was confronted by an unhinged woman sitting next to him on the airplane who couldn’t stand the thought of sharing an armrest with a Trump fan. This is the story he posted on Facebook, followed by one of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen.



One can’t help but feel sorry for this woman’s husband, who seemed incapable of stopping this train wreck. How many times is this going to have to happen before the loons who can’t accept losing an election figure out they have to behave in a civilized manner? You don’t get to berate strangers on an airplane (or anywhere else) for any reason ever! But this is the result of eight years of unchecked leftism which believes it is superior and right about every issue, the science is settled, the debate is over, and anyone who isn’t in agreement is lower than pond scum and thus someone who can be abused. They actually believe this, as evidenced by this woman’s behavior as well as the professor who berated Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight a few weeks ago. Eventually, they begin to see their opponents as non-humans. This is a dangerous trend.


At one of the psychotic women’s marches this weekend, Hollywood has-been Shia LaBeouf was filmed screaming in a counter protester’s face (or trying to lick or bite him, it’s unclear) in what is an obvious assault, simply for being someone who likes Trump. Meanwhile, a group of women stood behind him cheering him on. In what world is this ever acceptable? He was not arrested.

At the inauguration, a protestor set a Trump supporter’s hair on fire. No one was arrested.

Does anyone have any videos of Trump supporters doing this? I would think if this were widespread there would be video proof. All we have heard so far have all been hoaxes, perpetrated by the liars in the media and ginned up to make Trump supporters out to look like violent racists. Meanwhile, the Democrat protestors are doling out all the mayhem and violence and abuse. When will this end? Will someone have to die? The airplane video, while amusing, is also uplifting because finally there is justice. Finally, the aggressor is neutralized. It’s sad that you have to hope you’re on an airplane when this happens to you because airlines don’t screw around, unlike Capitol Police, who appear to just let people set other people on fire or assault them or break windows and burn cars. The left is turning this country into an unsafe place for one political party. There seems to be an acceptable level of violence and incivility toward one group of people that has been going on unchecked. Trump vowed during his inauguration that this ends now. I’m holding him to that.


What we need is a whole lot less tolerance of idiocy and a whole lot more of this. Make sure you watch the end for the cheering.



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