Tweets About Ivanka Trump Being Harassed on Jet Blue: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

By now you've probably heard that Ivanka Trump and her family had a rough start to their holiday travel.

A little bit is known about the guy doing the harassing, but it's his big-mouth husband, one Matt Lasner, who is grabbing all of the headlines. Lasner's social media is filled with intolerance regarding those with whom he disagrees politically. He's a college professor so...typical. Lasner quickly deleted his Twitter account (we've still got screenshots), but his Instagram is still up and peppered with partisan spitefulness. (UPDATE: Lasner has since made his Instagram account private, but here is the screenshot.)lasner-ig











The reason Lasner fled Twitter was that he'd proven that he had proudly boasted that Goldstein's intent was to harass Ivanka and her family:






Apparently, it's OK to irritate and delay a plane full of people as long as you not-too-cleverly hashtag your target as "evil."