SNL Writer Tweets That Barron Trump Will Be Country's 'First Homeschool Shooter'

Incoming U.S. first lady Melania Trump and son Barron attend the presidential inauguration of President Donald Trump. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Today was a historic day, and as I type this, the inaugural festivities are still going full swing. It’s a day that is supposed to symbolize unity and the peaceful transfer of power that makes America great. Instead, the Twitterverse is piling on Barron Trump—a 10-year-old—with the most vile insults imaginable. Perhaps worst of all is from “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich, who tweeted this:


Rich deleted the tweet, but we will not be holding our breath for SNL to fire her. Notice the not-so-subtle insult to homeschoolers, even though Barron is not even homeschooled. Clearly, the truth doesn’t matter to Rich.

If you recall, the recent videos of Malia Obama at a concert smoking pot and twerking were widely denounced by the mainstream press. Those of us who found it repugnant that the first daughter was running around doing drugs on camera and shaking her booty with her skirt up were told to mind our own business and leave the “children” out of it (even though Malia was 18 and choosing to break the law). Yet here is Barron Trump, just 10 years old, trying to enjoy his day, despite being thrust into the national spotlight, and half the Twitterverse can’t help but accuse him of vile acts he hasn’t committed.

Here’s someone who expressed his unreasonable hatred for the first son:


As a mother of a ten-year-old, I am disgusted and angry at this display of unhinged behavior directed at a child. Ten is a very fragile age. They are just becoming aware of the wider world around them and their place in it. My child would be crushed by this, as she couldn’t imagine why anyone would hate her. Doing this to a child is despicably wrong.

The rumors that Rosie O’Donnell started about Barron being autistic just won’t die. This is coming from the same people who want us to believe they were upset that Trump (allegedly) made fun of a handicapped person.

Making fun of a child is way better than making fun of a reporter, right?

Don’t forget to call him vile epithets for extra fun:


And let’s not forget child torture:

And insults about parentage:

It’s clear that the Left is determined to do everything they can to hurt Trump, including libeling and terrorizing his innocent child—and all of us ought to make sure we don’t allow it. Get on the socials and fight back for Barron, who has been put in a very tough situation very early in life. Pray for Barron and his family to withstand this evil. No matter whom you voted for, it is unacceptable to disparage minor children.



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