Orland Park Police Chief Responds to Library's Request to Investigate Me for Songwriting


In the never ending soap opera that is my involvement with the Orland Park Public Library regarding the open viewing of pornography and sex acts that go unreported to police, here is another doozy. Yesterday I published the email from Director Mary Weimar to the police chief asking him to investigate a song I wrote three years ago (instead of asking him to investigate all the creepy men trolling her library.) Here is his response. Did I mention this man is a national hero?


McCarthy response to Weimar re song-page-001

How many more times do you think Director Mary Weimar is going to need to be schooled by the Orland Park Police on what actual “protected speech” is? (For anyone counting, this is now twice in 28 days.)

Just as a reminder, the original email the director sent to the police on October 7, 2013 about investigating me was a mere 3 days after my letter of complaint about seeing open pornography in her library. Not once did she reach out to me, a mother and library patron, or call or contact me to find out how she could best understand my concern (even though I provided her with my address and phone number and email address.) The first thing she did was have someone dig up all my social media accounts, find a 3 year old video about gun rights and turn it over to the police. Does that give you any indication of what kind of person the Orland Park Library has at its helm?



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