After Woman Reports Public Masturbation, Library Staff Moves Her to Different Computer

blindfoldsThis installment is part of an ongoing investigation into the Orland Park Public Library in Illinois and the availability of pornography with the consent of library policy. The investigation headed up by writers and Illinois residents Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan has found dangers to women and children posed by the people who access pornographic sites in public. We intend to demonstrate by example how to identify, target and change problems in your community and show what two people with a bulldog attitude can accomplish against even the most entrenched government entities.

Part 1: Staff Response to Sex Crime Reported at Orland Park Public Library: ‘He Doesn’t Mean Anything’


The Orland Park Public Library is under fire for lax policies in regard to pornography access on publicly funded computers. You can read about what led to this month-long investigation in my report “Video: Mom Confronts Library Board about Porn-Filled Lab and its Librarian Defenders” and the continuing story in “Librarian Logic-I Hate Censorship So I Censored You on Facebook.”

This free and easy access to pornography has led to a sexually charged environment in which many illegal sex acts occurred where police presence was needed. In this part of the continuing investigation into Orland Park Public Library’s dangerous policies that allow sex offenders to watch pornography unfettered, I report how internal documents were recovered that indicated staff also have let several crimes go unreported to police. The following is one of the reports.

Below:”Internal Incident Report” from Orland Park Public library of public masturbation. Staff did not notify police. Instead they moved the patron who complained to a different computer.10 23 08photo 1


moving patron photo

Why is Library Director Mary K. Weimar allowing this violation against library policy and the law in Illinois? Why aren’t her staff better trained to call police when they witness or hear of a crime in progress in the library?


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In case you were wondering if Weimar was aware of this event… see the following:

10 23 08photo

More FOIA requests have been submitted to find out what, if anything, occurred after these events. However, I have the police reports from the same time period. None of them match this event.

Stay tuned. There are more coming.


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