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Megan Fox


October 28, 2013 - 1:03 pm


This installment is part of an ongoing investigation into the Orland Park Public Library in Illinois and the availability of pornography with the consent of library policy. The investigation headed up by writers and Illinois residents Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan has found dangers to women and children posed by the people who access these pornographic sites in a public place. We intend to show by example how to identify, target and change problems in your community and show what two people with a never-say-die attitude can accomplish against even the most entrenched government entities. This is the first of a series of documents that will be revealed demonstrating how library staff choose to respond to the sexually charged atmosphere their policies have created.

This redacted internal “Incident Report” from Orland Park Library details when a man exposed himself to another man in the bathroom. When the patron reported it, the library staff excused the behavior of the perpetrator.

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It appears like the person who did this may be mentally disabled or suffer from some other problem, but shouldn’t police have been informed so they could come make sure he was not a threat? Are library personnel the best people to make a decision about the intent of an unbalanced man who just exposed his penis to a patron? The following page of the document makes it clear that police were not called.

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image illustration courtesy shutterstock /  Lori Sparkia

Megan Fox is a homeschooling mom to her three children and happy wife to her husband of fourteen years. She writes, gardens, composes conservative folk music and enjoys angering "faux feminists" as often as possible.

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Have you ever worked with the public? I have, both in libraries and in retail, and if you think calling the police alleviates these types of problems, you're extremely naive.
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