OUCH: Joe Biden Has Lost Rob Reiner

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When it comes to Hollywood stars, Joe Biden has been able to count on the support of most of them. When it comes to Hollywood has-beens, it’s hard to think of anyone who has been more firmly in Biden’s corner than Rob Reiner. Sure the man gave us “The Princess Bride,” “When Harry Met Sally," and “Stand By Me,” but he’ll always be Meathead.


I’m sure plenty of you will understand the reference.

This man has spent the few fears gushing over everything Biden has done, ignoring the obvious signs of mental decline. Even after Biden’s debate with Donald Trump, Reiner stood behind him.

"Last night’s debate was a disaster for President Biden,” he admitted in a post on X the day after the debate. "But the choice is still crystal clear: We either can choose a good decent man who cares about his fellow citizens and knows how to govern or a Convicted Felon who will destroy our Democracy. Not a tough choice."

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A day later, he was hosting a fundraiser at his home featuring Kamala Harris. When you’re hosting fundraisers for the Biden campaign at your home, you’re all in for him. However, on Sunday, he was singing a different tune.


Deadline called Reiner’s defection a “game changer."

Perhaps more than previous big donors or even high ranking elected Democrats seeking the poll sagging Biden’s departure from the race, Reiner is a whale of a game changer. A steadfast supporter of not just Joe Biden, but Democratic candidates up and down the ballots over the decades, to lose Reiner is close to losing the grandmothers at Stalingrad for the president.

Reiner and spouse Michele held an event with the VP on June 29 in LA. just two days after the president’s stumbling performance live on CNN against a lie spreading but pumped up Trump. That evening, the Vice President was candid(ish)  about the “elephant in the room.” The former California Senator admitted what everyone saw with their own eyes that Biden did not have his “finest” hour. A loyal soldier, the Veep still declared that nothing in the campaign had truly changed because of “a day in June” and that Biden would wipe the floor with Trump. 

Like what many a Democrat are still saying before the cameras and microphones, that may fall into the realm of magical thinking at this point.


Deadline also quoted another prominent Hollywood director who said of Biden, “He’s cooked."

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Biden, however, has insisted that he is staying in the race and appears to be attempting to ride out the storm. Whether he can do so successfully or not remains to be seen, but unfortunately for the Democrats, even replacing Biden on the ballot won’t be easy and would be both a political and legal nightmare for the party. That said, Reiner did say in a follow-up post that, “If Biden refuses to step aside, I’m 100% behind him."

I suspect that Biden is counting on that.



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