Biden's Economic Gaslighting Still Isn’t Working

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Sometimes, it’s still hard to believe how long Joe Biden and the White House clung to their "Bidenomics" narrative, believing it would convince Americans that the economy has been thriving under his leadership. We’ve heard it all, and have been pummeled with claims of falling inflation, rising wages, and historic job growth. 

Of course, it didn’t work and has arguably backfired as voters, grappling with stagnant wages and high prices, found the administration's rosy assessment of the economy just proved how out of touch with reality Joe Biden really is. 

Despite persistent declarations that "Bidenomics is working," the public remained unconvinced, leading the White House to gradually phase out this messaging. Have you heard the term “Bidenomics” lately from Biden or the White House? There’s a reason. 

Years of gaslighting the nation just haven't worked. You can’t simply tell people everything is great when they can see that their paychecks aren’t going as far as they used to. It just doesn’t work.

And it’s not like they’ve stopped trying. While “Bidenomics” has been purged from the White House lexicon, the approach has shifted somewhat to blaming the public for not seeing how great things are.

"On Friday, the nation got the latest sign that it’s in a sustained economic upswing, adding 272,000 jobs in May. But the surprise show of labor market strength is unlikely to sway a downcast public fixated on rising prices, the cost of housing and high interest rates,” reports Politico. "And Democrats are starting to outwardly despair that the economic tailwinds they once imagined lifting Biden to reelection aren’t materializing, at least not in the eyes of voters."

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"Inside Biden’s orbit, the fear is that there’s little new the administration can do to change the perceptions of a stubborn electorate that’s living through an upswing — yet simply refusing to believe it,” Politico adds.

“If half of the people think that unemployment is at a 50-year high when it’s actually close to a 50-year low, this is a problem of misinformation, it’s a problem of perception,” Ben Harris, a former senior Treasury Department in the Biden administration, told the outlet. “I think, unfortunately, it’ll have a major impact on the election.”

Yeah, it’s funny how that works. People have a tendency to perceive the economy based on their own situations not government reports. And right now, people are paying more for everything and seeing full-time jobs go away in favor of part-time jobs. The jobs that are being created under Biden are going largely to illegal immigrants.

Politico says Biden’s woes are due to "people’s low awareness of his achievements and heavy focus on the high price of key expenses like groceries, gas and housing.” Imagine that. We’re all just too stupid to understand how much better things are under Biden and are focusing too much on how expensive everything has become on his watch.

The nerve.

And it sounds like the White House doesn’t have a clue how to deal with it.

“The big problem is the pain points are things they feel every week, every month, every day,” a Biden adviser conceded. “Is that fixable? It’s unclear.”

I think it is fixable... by getting Trump back in office.


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