This Might Be the Most Insane Take on Biden and the ‘Rule of Law'

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Of all the phony baloney things I've heard about Joe Biden, this one ranks extremely high up there as one of the most insane takes possible.

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Andrew Weissmann, who was an attorney for the Mueller investigation and former general counsel to the FBI, literally gushed over Joe Biden, essentially calling him the embodiment of the rule of law.


"What is before us is a president who is living, the rule of law he is living in ...the most personal way," he claimed. "He is not telling DOJ to stand down, which is his power to do it. It's a norm. That is that's the reason he's not doing it. He could tell the Department of Justice, 'This is what you need to do.' He is not pardoning his son, which he could do — these are federal charges. He is not doing that. That is a power — He has a power for both of those. He's not doing it, but this he is living, what it means to have a rule of law in this country. And it is — it is, I mean, if you want to know if he believes it, you can actually see what is happening with his own son."

I could go on extensively about how Weissman admits that Biden has the power to instruct the DOJ to do whatever he wants — which directly contradicts White House talking points about the independence of the Department of Justice — but the key point I want to make here is that Weissman is lying about Biden's commitment to the rule of law.


For starters, Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed David Weiss as special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. Weiss, then the U.S. attorney in Delaware, was originally not going to charge Hunter Biden with tax fraud, which would have landed any other American in prison. Weiss initially claimed there was insufficient evidence for prosecution. However, the IRS whistleblowers revealed critical information that Weiss had chosen not to act upon, ultimately forcing his hand.

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Gary Shapley, Jr., an IRS Criminal Supervisory Special Agent, and Joseph Ziegler, a criminal investigator, testified that Hunter Biden listed payments to prostitutes on his 2018 tax returns under his company, Owasco P.C. They uncovered a $25,000 payment labeled as a "golf membership" that was actually for a sex club membership in L.A. 

Any ordinary citizen would have faced jail time for such fraudulent expenses. According to a team of lawyers representing one of the IRS agents, without the courageous actions of these whistleblowers, Hunter Biden would not have been charged at all. 

As for the gun charges, did Weissmann forget that the trial almost didn't happen because DOJ prosecutors colluded with Hunter's legal team to give him a sweetheart plea deal that effectively gave him a clean slate and immunity from future prosecution? Had it not been for Judge Maryellen Noreika throwing out the plea deal for being unconstitutional, Hunter would not be in court.


As for the issue of Biden not pardoning Hunter on the gun charge, is Weissmann so stupid to think that this wasn't a political decision? With Donald Trump facing multiple politicized prosecutions, a pardon of Hunter Biden by his dad would be politically devastating for Joe Biden. If Hunter is to be pardoned, it won't happen until after the election — regardless of the outcome.


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