Our Country Will Never Be the Same After the Shameful Trump Verdict

AP Photo/Julia Nikhinson

On Thursday, a jury found Donald Trump guilty on 34 counts in a case that legal experts across the political spectrum panned. This outcome was expected the moment the trial began because we had a partisan prosecutor, a partisan judge, and a partisan jury.


Throughout the trial, everybody knew that Trump wasn't getting a fair trial. Judge Juan Merchan didn't even try to hide his bias against Trump.  

Democrats have always been afraid of Trump returning to office. Just as they pre-planned their efforts to impeach him before he even took office in 2017, they preemptively planned their efforts to ensure that he couldn’t return to office. The strategy not only included lawfare but also efforts to remove him from state ballots nationwide.

The left figured out that its first and likely only effort to achieve a conviction in one of the bogus cases against Trump was the New York City trial. Trump had slim chances of being acquitted in his New York City criminal trial because Trump’s political enemies engineered the entire process to get a conviction rather than a fair trial. 

The prosecutor, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, is a leftist funded by George Soros, who campaigned on targeting Trump. Merchan is a Biden donor, who has repeatedly made decisions designed to rob Trump of due process.

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And then there’s the jury. How was Trump ever to get a jury that could fairly decide the case? Trump would be lucky to get one person who wasn’t a partisan Democrat. Further stacking the deck against Trump, Merchan set up his instructions for the jury to, as Trump’s former White House lawyer Ty Cobb noted, “virtually require conviction.”

All for a non-crime that both the Biden Justice Department and Bragg’s predecessor refused to prosecute.

The implications of this verdict are chilling. The Democrats' lawfare strategy has succeeded, setting a dangerous precedent where political power can and will be weaponized against opponents with little regard for justice or the rule of law. 

Democrats have repeatedly shown their intent to become the sole ruling party. They are willing to use government power to destroy their political enemies and dismantle the democracy they claim to protect. This is the kind of thing we've long believed couldn't happen in America, but thanks to the Democrats and their desperate quest for power, we are closer than ever to becoming a nation too corrupt to survive. 


The justice system is broken.

Of course, Trump will appeal the verdict and will likely win on appeal, which could take months, but even when that happens, the justice system will remain broken.

This is a major turning point in America, and it's scary to think that this has happened. We have to continue fighting to save this country from the Democrats who are trying to destroy this country.

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