Google Banned Trump Ad Targeting Black Voters

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Last week, a pro-Trump campaign ad went viral on social media, though not entirely for good reasons.

The ad itself, which targets black mate voters in Georgia, portrays a female Biden campaign call center worker phoning a male voter. The voter says he voted for Biden in the last election, but then he expresses dissatisfaction with rising costs of living, including food, gas, and rent. The campaign worker mentions Biden's support for paying rent for "newcomers" to America, which the voter interprets as support for illegal immigrants. Feeling overlooked and burdened, the voter tells the campaign worker he’s planning to support Trump in the upcoming election.


As you can see, it’s a very effective ad. Apparently, it was so effective that NBC News reporter Andrew Arenge discovered that Google decided to take the ad down for an alleged "policy violation.” 

However, after Google was revealed to have taken down the ad under false pretenses, it restored the ad the following day.


This is what election interference looks like. We’ve seen it before, and I have no doubt that we’ll see it again. Can anyone suggest any legitimate reason why Google would have taken the ad down? I certainly can’t. While we can at least take some solace that the ad was restored, we don’t exactly see this kind of thing happen with Democrat ads, do we?

So, why did Google take the ad down? Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that poll after poll shows Biden is bleeding support from black voters in 2024? For example, a recent poll from USA Today and Suffolk University found that Biden has the support of just 63% of black voters. Biden won 87% of the black vote in 2020. Last November, a NYT/Sienna College poll found that in six swing states, 71% of black voters will back Biden in 2024, a huge drop from the 92% who supported him in 2020. A more recent poll from the Wall Street Journal indicates a surge in support for Trump from black men in battleground states.

According to civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, if even a fraction of black voters shift their support to former President Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 election, the Democratic Party is doomed.

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“If the Democrat Party does not receive anywhere between 85 or 90% of the black vote, there is no Democrat Party,” Terrell told Fox News host Dana Perino last month.



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