WATCH: Joe Biden Glitches During Medal of Freedom Ceremony

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

On Friday, Joe Biden hosted a Medal of Freedom ceremony to honor a bunch of his leftist buddies — including James Clyburn, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Nancy Pelosi — with America's highest civilian honor. As usual with Democratic presidents, there are legitimate questions about whether some of the recipients have legitimately earned the honor.


Most likely, not — but that's another topic for another time.

The real highlight of the event was Joe Biden's performance. As his 2024 State of the Union address becomes a faint memory, his more recent public appearances have been anything but fiery or energetic, and the Medal of Freedom ceremony was a classic example.

First, the following clip raises questions as to whether Biden even knew what ceremony he was at. 

 "I know [sic] personal experience that you wish you'd never had to be at an event like this one without a piece of your soul having been gone."

Forgetting his inability to deliver the comment coherently, did he think this was a Medal of Honor ceremony?

And it gets worse. 

Despite having a teleprompter to read from, he appears to forget why he's awarding the medal to Jane Rigby.

"She's not only, she's not only the only person receiving this medal, she is a, uh, she is a, uh, you know..."


When introducing actress Michelle Yeoh, he calls her "Michael Yeoh," and barely sounds intelligible. 

When introducing swimmer Katie Ledecky, he slurred so badly that it sounded like he said she will "compete this summer at the Paralympics" rather than "the Paris Olympics."

Not done humiliating himself, Biden later botched the name of the medal he was awarding at the ceremony. 

"I congratulate Presidential Freedom of Medal recipients," he said first.


And then, at the close, he said, "Let's give one more round of applause for this year's Presidential Freedom recipients!"

Does this look and sound like a man who is doing okay? Democrats can point to his State of the Union speech all they want — and even that wasn't great — but he seems completely unable to speak publicly without embarrassing himself and humiliating this country.


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